knee strengthening movements


Gavin LeFever

first off, i'm going to apologise for making a post on the S&P that doesnt involve bench, squat, deads, or cleans. get off my back. :)

today my right knee started bothering me as i was walking home from work. feels liek it's hyper extending a little bit when i step so it's compressing at a bad angle or some shit.

this is possibly because my right foot has a stress fracture so i might have lost a little length in this leg. if the other leg is longer by even a small margin then i'm correct in thinking it's hyper-extending.

before you complain, i am going to see otho tomorrow morning for my foot, shoulders, and finger (fallin apart, so it seems) and see if he knows anything about knees as i am seeing a doctor.

there's gotta be a decent chance so, has anyone here had to do any PT for their knee? what should i expect, what kind of movements were you doing? etc.

my parents had a friend who played for the NC State football team and he did PT on his knee and it was fantastic, he says. 100x better than before and he did it on the other knee just because the benifit was so good..but i cant find his number and doubt he'd remember well enough.