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    The first time I put on a pair of King gloves 4 or 5 years ago my disappointment was big. It had a very loose fit and it was nearly impossible to clench a fist. The anatomic hand positioning was awkward, it was designed for people who were fighting with open hands designed to grab somebody's neck and pulling closer. Yes, sure, they were pure Muay Thai gloves, but most others like Windy, Twins or Raja brands you could still use for punching, but not the old Kings. The newer models show improvements.

    A few weeks ago a guy in my gym wanted to sell his almost new King 16 Oz gloves due to quitting his contract. I tried them out and thought they were much better than the older models I knew. I handed him 50 bucks and went on using the leather gloves for heavy bag workouts for the past 2 months. He bought this pair about a year ago and didn't used them too much. I would say they showed very little tear and wear - just a few discolorations and a few scuffs. Just perfectly broken in, comfortable to slide inside. That made them actually a better deal than buying a new pair. They are similar to this model that's sold for 95$ these days:

    When I first wore them for a heavy bag workout, I started to like them right away. The glove has a good anatomic fit, much better than the old King glove I had tried 4 years ago. Hitting the bag gives a good realistic feeling. The padding holds up well while it is not as thick as Green Hill or TopTen, but significantly better than typical Muay Thai gloves such as Fairtex and Windy. I also like them better than Twins because these 16 Oz King gloves have a more even area over the knuckles where the punch sticks on the bag rather than bouncing off.

    The hand compartment is for big hands as well as for medium hands with room for long bandages. Its long cuff and backhand padding is a typical Muay Thai thing. Fighters use it to block powerfull kicks to their head. It probably makes them good for sparring, but at my age I don't do that anymore. While its long cuff provides for reasonable wrist stability, the support here isn't very strong. Hitting hard at an odd angle will cause the cuff to bend. But that's a common problem with velcro strapped protectors.

    There are two things that I'd criticize in terms of anatomy: The grip bar and the materials inside the fist are a bit too thick. It makes it hard to clench a fist completely. It still feels comfortable, though. With Rival gloves I do have the same issue. It would be cool to see this improved. The other thing I didn't like was the thumb department. It is huge and the cut-back connection between thumb and hand department is too deep and presses against the skin between thumb and index finger. The material gives in a bit, but it's bothersome at the beginning.

    Seams, piping and overall finishing are good, no loose ends. The leather looks average, maybe a bit thinner and tighter sewn than other prime brands on the market. I assume some of their work is done with programmed sewing machines rather than by hand. They are labelled as being produced in Thailand. I had no problems regarding the material. It can't compare to the patina of Reyes or Windy, but as a working horse training glove I believe it will be holding up well for 6 to 12 months in the hands of a good fighter and maybe 2 years with more moderate use. The price tag is a bit higher than most other comparable products, but not by much. To be honest, I'd probably not have purchased them if it weren't for the opportunity. But I might consider buying them again in the future or recommend them for my gym mates with bigger hands and those who like to wear long handwraps.

    Just to be clear. My review is about King and not Top King. Both companies were created after two brothers split up in a dispute and the King company's rights were later sold to the owner of Booster Gear who is from Belgium, but still produces the equipment in Thailand from what I have been told.

    I shot a few images with my iphone and hope they are good enough to see some details.


    The pair looks slick, flashy. The connection between cuff and padding is very easy to bend, but won't damage.

    The velcro strap is wide and feels comfortable. Since it is way down below the joint it doesn't really provide the best wrist support, but it isn't bad either.
    The inhand padding and the grip bar are too thick for my taste. They prevent me from clenching my fist all the way.

    Decent craftmanship on seams and piping. The interiour lining is comfortable with the velcro easy to open and close.
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    I have to say they look damn good..
    Some nice neat design..

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