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Jun 16, 2005
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is there a difference between Judo Gi/Kimono and Jiu-Jitsu Gi/Kimono? or are they all the same? i'm looking around for Gi and i'm trying to find some that are decent and fairly cheap, but not too cheap. Link and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you.
They are all Gi. Brasilians just decided to call them Kimono.

In Brasil, kimono=

In Japan, kimono=

There are differences in Judo Gi and Jiu Jitsu Gi though.
where can i find the Japanese versions? i'd love to grapple in that..
Cobra, thanks for the clearification.
Judo kimonos are bigger and have a long skirt at the bottom, JJ kimonos are smaller and tend to be all one material with no skirt
There are a number of differences between kimono and judo gi. Width of sleeves, length of jacket, how it is made. Saying they are the same is not accurate at all. Try competing in a judo competition in a BJJ kimono and you'd be disqualified.
sorry, i was just wondering what the differences were. I'm trying to buy new Gi and i keep running into two categories; Judo and JJ. thanks guys, i was just confused because the two seemed the same to me, i'm looking for JJ Gi, thanks.
Jon-Like Roy said there is a lot of diff between the two. JJ gis are slimmer cut and are shorter in length then a Judo gi. You can wear a Judo gi in both (judo and jj class) but a JJ gis is frowned upon in Judo.
JJ gi is much mor comfortable.


Give Dragao , or Gameness a try...... best gis on the market IMOP...
The only difference is that Judo gi's are WAY over priced. MAybe because Judo is an ORGANIZED sport with a STANDARD set of rules and regulations on colors, size, artwork (logos etc.). You can use a judo gi in any competition be it judo or JJ. You CAN NOT wear a JJ gi to a judo compettion because of those regulation above.

If there wasn't so much bullshit politics in JJ, maybe we could organize and make it an olympic sport. I tran at a Gracie Barra affiliation school and our school won't allow ALLiance guys to come in and give seminars. This IS RETARDED.
I think reason for JJ not becoming an olympic sport is because the matches become quite boring and the sport isnt main stream enough.

Lots of JJ matches end up on the ground slow paced and no one who doesnt compete in the sport wants to watch.

Judo and wrestling of throws, slams and glorious take downs to keep the atendees interested.. its not just a lack of organization but a lack of interest.
pinkylock said:
The only difference is that Judo gi's are WAY over priced.

You forgot to mention that:

The cut/fit is different in judo and bjj gi's.
Also the reinforcement is different.
And like someone already pointed out, judo gi's have regulations regarding correct fit, ie: length of sleeves, pants, etc, which is important in competition.

You are correct. I just love BJJ and would like it to be an olympic sport. I do think with the popularity of it in mma, most people would be more interested in watching it then Judo. I just get upset with all the politics in JJ right now. I just want to train and get better, not be restricted by Gracie Barra vrs Alliance Vrs BTT.

Can't we all just get along?
JJ seems to be getting bigger every day. But it's becoming more of a fad to do "GRACIE".
But i totally agree with you guys, i'd love to see JJ as an olympic sport or atleast a little bigger than it is now.