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Killer Instinct - I know i'm late to the party..but i dont have SFV..and MKX?

Discussion in 'The Arcade' started by treelo, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. treelo //Do something here

    Dec 19, 2001
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    So with SFV jsut out, i got that for my PC and it's kind of neat but it got me trying to find something half decent on the Xbox One.....

    which led me to KI

    It seems to me after an hour or so of play that it is a mix between the stick movements of the SF series and the juggling combos of games like Tekken

    i'm pretty good at SFIV, not played the newer one online but i am really struggling with the Xbox One pad to pull off some of the more ridiculous combos that KI expects you to get

    as soon as i put the pad on my knee, like i would a fight stick, i can much easier pull them off but it all seems a bit lucky and a bit 'button bashy'

    i'd like some input form actual KI players here, its either i am missing something by playing with a pad, and the game may be extremely tactical or its as i think

    does anyone play it?

    do you use a controller and find it good enough?

    i find the xbox one controller just doesnt lend itself to a fight game anywhere near as good as i could play the SFIV series on the Xbox360 using a pad

    please don't use this as a thread to bash the game, just want to know opinions from people who have played it and what they think compared to other fighters....

    and lastly, is MKX any good?
  2. dije1 R.I.P bigwaveriders's dad Platinum Member

    Jun 14, 2013
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    Sorry. I haven't played the new one, and I'm not familiar with the x-box one yet.
  3. I play MKX on an Xbox one controller. Its much more simpler in terms of gameplay. More input combo heavy instead of timing like SF. KI is like an easier version of SF in terms of leniency and execution. I know that any fighting game that use motion inputs like qcf or Dragon punch/360 is better off with a fight stick. Just my opinion tho. I don't know any fight pads for the one also

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