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Kikskin 8oz gloves


Mountains and Fleas
Aug 26, 2004
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I did not like these at all!!!
I competed in these in my MMA debut. They hit harder than no padding at all since they are "gel" gloves, the leather backing flares out so everyone got small cuts from it, and its only a matter of time before a fight is stopped due to a "glove cut", and I jammed the shit out of my knuckle.
I do not recommend these gloves for competition use. Every fighter from the event complained about them and was worried about being cut by them. One fighter barely grazed his cheek and it opened a small cut,. Seriously, avoid them things.
Really, really open palm.
Cons: The thumb loop is huge. Big enough to get a finger caught in, to be exact. The gel hits like a brick, they are stiff, the leather backing is huge and flares out way, way too much so it ends up forming a cutting edge (personal experience: One cut on the cheek, two on the neck), the hook and loop closure is also way, way too big and barely fit on anyone's wrists.

Overall, I give these a 2/5, and the 2 is just cause I didn't break my hand.