Could you be more explicit? Do you mean closing the gap with kicks or trying to close the gap so that you can throw kicks?

For myself, I tend to rely on my jabs to set up everything (although I do mix it up), usually slipping a few kicks in there as well. If you practice, especially with a Thai bag, you'll eventually find your range for your kicks. I don't try to close the gap with kicks; if I happen to be in kicking range, then I'll probably throw to keep my opponent distracted and guessing. Otherwise I'm more focused on closing the gap with jabs and following up with combos.
You have to learn how to dance first.

Footwork, footwork.
Footwork is equivalent to a BJJ guy's hip control.
The teep kick. Excelent to close the distance, although I prefer the jab...
I mostly never throw just a kick. Usually never lands unless it's a leg kick. I usually go hands to kicks.
I close it with punches and then use kicks. It's kinda hard to close with kicks.
I close it with punches and then use kicks. It's kinda hard to close with kicks.
If you catch him with a few leg kicks early on, or he is a bit jumpy, you might be able to fake the kick and close the distance when he goes to defend it
Umm angles can help close the distance after a kick. Or keep kicking low until they start dropping their hands and then just fake it and go. I dunno though if someone is just letting me kick them I'd rather just sit outside and pepper them.
sliding is one thing i like espicially in kickboxing not as much in mma but still a big amount. footwork is really the main key
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Umm it really depends. Better to ask your trainer...he'd be a lot of help to you considering he trains you and knows a lot more of your fight style than we do.
I cant speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself. Everybody has their own opinions, different styles etc. But when opponents are kicking at me, and I want to close the distance I usually wait until they throw the kick which Im conveniently out of range for and then work my way in from there.

Often times I will look to catch the kick or deflect it as a means to counter attack as well. But for your opponent to kick, he has to commit. And once hes committed, if you avoid the strike with foot work, distance, timing and some thought you should be able to get inside. Ofcourse, depends on your opponent and rule set too.
Set up your kicks with punches...and vice versa...