Kicking combos for bag


Feb 18, 2005
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Anybody got any serious routines for the heavy bag? I got good punching ones but my kicking routines are stale. Kicking and punching is good, but I'd like to do at least one 5 minute round of just kicks.
I usually do a round of low/mid/high left leg only, then go low/mid/high right leg only. Then I do 1/2 round high/mid/low left, then the last 1/2 I do right leg

Then I do a round of leg check then teep same leg, alternating left and right

Then I do a round of leg check then roundhouse same leg alternating left and right

Then I do a round of Teep then roundhouse opposite leg, alternating left and right

Then Ill go left leg only 1 kick, then 2, then 3, then 4... up to ten and back down to 1, then the right leg same thing... more speed then power on this drill.

Then Ill work knees, but thats a whole other thread

Hope this helps
No problem bro, Ive got a whole bunch more Muay Thai drills if youre interested
Sure, let me work on these ones, but keep em comin, I got no teacher where I'm at so it's hard not to get a stale routine.
try to throw 3 or 4 kicks in a combo, that will help you do that naturally when you fight and many people dont throw more than 1 kick per flurry.

try mid kick, mid kick, high kick. or low kick inside, low kick outside then high the rest of my combos are for tkd and i dont think theyd suit you well.
Once you have good leg strength and stamina, mix it up with squat kicks as well. Just hold a stance for whatever leg you want to work first, squat in that stance, throw 2 fast, hard kicks right when you get back into the proper height for the stance. Alternate legs. This is very good for conditioning and strength. You'll be sore the next day.