Kickboxing Bag Work: Tips and Advice


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Sep 22, 2012
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Some bag work I did earlier today. I would like some tips and advice to improve myself.

Somethings to know before critiquing. I am recovering from a bad injury to my left leg that had me out of almost all athletic activity for 3months. It severely effected my stamina. I also know that my side kick sucks. I would prefer advice on how to improve it rather than just pointing out it's bad.

I can take some criticism, so don't censor yourselves to make me feel better. I know I need alot of improvement, but I'd like to hear some advice and ideas to help me improve quicker.
-keep your opposite hand higher when throwing a thai style kick to protect your face
-turn your hips hard into the kick rather than just flicking out the leg
-side kick... I am good at throwing it, not teaching it. i suggest a joe rogan youtube video to learn the side kick

-turn your hips into each punch, it will increase power and reduce your energy expenditure
-keep your hands up! when you throw a punch there are 2 phases; the punch and the return. the return motion should be exactly the same as the punch, just in reverse.
-if you have trouble remembering keeping your hands up, focus on pinching your cheeks in between your thumb and first finger. :redface: i know it sounds dumb, but it works!

good luck! :icon_chee
^^^ He's right on everything. My only input is work on your footwork, you look a little awkward at times. Turn those hips over as if you're trying to kick through that bag.
Thanks, it's been about 3 months since I've done anything like this other than a little shadow boxing, but that's not nearly the same.

My left leg is still giving me some problems, so that may have something to do with the kicks, but I'm going to work on it.

Anymore advice is welcomed. Also, any positives would be welcomed.

First post in the striking forum so I don't have any cred around here. But here to put in two cents in addition to the comments above and hope you find it useful.

The sidekick needs to be more... compact. As you turn, try to chamber it all the way up to your sternum. Release it out from there and bring it back in quick. Though your feet are not visible, from watching your plant leg knee, I think that your plant leg heel is not positioned correctly. Think of using the plant heel as a pointer. If it is not pointing directly back to the target, your hips just wont' turn enough and you won't be able to generate enough power. Also after impact, draw your leg back in a bit instead of just letting it fall to the ground. Much similar to the return phase of punching the poster a few above mentions. In the round kick, more hip turn is also required as mentioned above. Again I think this will be fixed if you rotate your base foot more.

Punches have a elbow flaring problem. What I call the chicken wing punch. Try to keep your elbows tight in the release phase. A bit too much of a forward lean also in the punches. Especially in the combos where you are reaching a bit. Movement is a bit stiff and needs more rhythm or flow as they say. Bend from the knees and not from rounding the back. Try to bob by leading with the shoulder if that makes sense. More bag work should fix that I should think.