kickboxing and Muay Thai differences??


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Oct 25, 2005
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im training kboxing and western boxing at the time...there is a Muay Thai school near me but i like where i am at question is whats the difference in the 2 ???and is one better than another?? cause i have been thinking of going to the other school but im not sure yet

thanks for the help..
Elbows, Knees, and you can kick legs. Some of the rules are different.
Depends on what state in the U.S. (assuming you're in the U.S.) you're in. Muay Thai will emphasize more on clinching, knee strikes, and low kicks than American Kickboxing. Elbows and knee strikes to the head will depend on what state you are in, what league you fight in, and if you're pro/amatuear/smoker level. But also it depends on the schools. I've seen Muay Thai schools that were pretty soft, and i've seen some pretty tough American Kickboxing rules fighters. However going to a good Muay Thai gym partnered with Western Boxing would be a better combo than an American Kickboxing gym and Western Boxing, but if you train hard either would be fine. What are you training for? Competing/fitness/self defense/etc?
Kickboxing has gay American rules where you cant kick below the waist or use knees/elbows.
if you go to a good muay thai school, they will train the boxing/upper body just as hard as they do everything else. so it may actually help you combine all that into one. its really on a case by case basis though, some MT schools will be lame and pretty much be american kickboxing with a different name. take someone who knows what the difference is with you
WAR Muay Thai!!! MT is better then kickboxing in my opinion because of the clinch work. Yes elbows and kness are a must as well, but the clinch is often used in MMA and a skill you wont have if you stick with just kickboxing. Also low kicks. I think they are one of the most effective non KO strikes in the sport. I think its great you are working on kickboxing, but I really think you should work MT to learn the other aspects of the standup game. Just my opinion. Happy training.