Khristian Geraci is not a BJJ Black Belt Part 2

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Mar 17, 2008
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Just so everyone is clear, Geraci is not affliated with FTP Fighting Systems. He was for a short period of time, but is no longer. On the previous thread entitled the same thing this quote was up there...

Originally Posted by franz_grinder
Everything about this dude is shady. He even has shomanart pics with watermark and all as his background on this 'feel the pain' fighting systems page.

This guy fights for him and shares the same nick.

Will 'the Sandman' Thiery

Here's another ftp system product.

There's more on his site.

Will "The Sandman" Thiery is not associated with Geraci & never has been, he is associated with FTP Fighting Systems & Feel The Pain Fight Gear and he is legit.
***FTPFS or FTPFG has never been owned by Geraci***

FTP Fighting Systems in PA is no longer, I shut it down and it will be reopened at a later date in Ohio.

So please do not associate my company FTP with Geraci, there is no longer an association and unfortuntley I trusted the wrong person, that mistake won't happen again
Thanks for clearing that up.

It also shows that there seems to be quite a bit of substance to claims that this guy is a questionable character.

Anytime. Unfortunatley I have had to handle some major damage control for my company because of him. All I have to say is do a complete backround check on someone before you go into business with them or hire them. It will save alot of $$ and time so you don't get screwed over and run the risk of ruining your company's name.

all i can say is well done for tossing this guy on his ear and hope your business doesn't suffer, cheers
Sucks if you lost any business over it..

But if you're setting up shop in ohio, let me know where, I'll spread the word if it's anywhere near me..hopefully get you a few new customers...

and I'll definitely come check it out myself...that is if I don't have to drive 2 hours to get there. :p
Sorry to hear you associated yourself with this guy.

Hope he didn't sully your name too much.
Another good thread closing by mods...
Thanks everyone, :icon_chee
the business is good.
Dayton is where the gym will reopen hopefully
by late summer early fall.
That is an old link to the website, and was removed in December. Trust me if it is still working it will be down shortly!
Trust me I own FTP Fighting Systems & he is not associated with my company.
Khristian is actually posting on Bullshido, and it is obvious that you guys have had a falling out, just look at Khristian's comments:
"The people from FTP are people that I distanced myself from because of the B.S. they were doing. Which is why I opened my own school and they are going to jail."
He can say all he wants, not once on any forum have I ever bashed him or will I ever, the people involved know the real story.
Geraci has dug himself a deep hole which he is now floundering to get out of in my opinion. Karma is a bitch.
Khristian Geraci has been personally posting on several other forums in response to these allegations.

A brief summary of his explanation:

Khristian claims that this was all a misunderstanding. He claims this all happened while he was on vacation. He says that he never claimed to be a BJJ black belt and that it was simply an error on the part of a third party web developer. Khristian says he was never aware his web site said this at all.

Of course, this explanation is a lie and makes no sense. It can be proven wrong by three things:

1. Frodo called and spoke to him personally at his school. He asked him if he was a BJJ black belt. Khristian Geraci answered that indeed he was.

2. Frodo personally went to his school about a week later. Khristian's students themselves attested to the fact that he claimed to be a BJJ black belt. When told by Frodo that he was not, some of them were in shock and offered to show Frodo his actual black belt as proof of his BJJ rank.

3. It's just not plausible that the head instructor at a school would pay someone to create a website for advertising and then not review the website himself EVEN ONE TIME. Even if that were a believable story, it would still be gross negligence on the part of the instructor to not even once check the information on his own website.

Also, one of Khristian's former students posted a reply on another forum. He stated that he trained with Khristian for a few months and that during that entire period, Khristian regularly wore and claimed to be a BJJ black belt.

So the summary of Khristian Geraci's response to this situation is that he continues to destroy what minimal (if any) credibility he has left in the martial arts community.
what a piece of shit, people already know he's lied about everything. even after knowing this people would cut him a lot of slack if he'd just admit to his mistakes.
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