Khamzat isn't any closer to a title shot in two and a half years


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Feb 28, 2023
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November 2021 he was ranked at number 10


As of today he's ranked at number 10


He's wasted his time in the UFC. He debuted and fought 3 times in the span of a few months but once he got some hype he turned into a diva and stopped fighting. I hope he can turn it around but this is probably the worst managed career we've ever seen. He's had everything handed to him and still can't make it to a title shot.
Shouldn’t even be ranked @ 170lb now been a minute since he fought there (over 2 years 27 months to be exact since going life and death with Burns). He missed weight and fought @ 185lb.
This was really his moment to shine. He better have an injury or legitmate excuse if he actually waives it. He could of really shut the haters up if he performed well or atleast was mildly competetive with Bobby Knuckles for the whole fight.

Now thinking about it, has he even stepped in the cage with actual MW and not some WW beefing up? He should fight someone like Brunson before getting title shot eliminator fight....
Before the Gilbert fight he was being hyped as the next Jon Jones.
He would have absolutely gotten a title shot if he beat Whittaker.
His career is an oddity in that his inactivity repeatedly kills his momentum. He very well could be champion and one of the biggest names in the sport right now. Guy has been his own worst enemy between not showing up and badly missing weight. It’s to the point I’m more surprised when he shows up.
Compare the team of people handling Khamzats career to the picture perfect management and match making of the team that reps Poatan.

Would love to know the ins and outs of their methodology. This is just a total loss of momentum for Chimaev, he's completely flakey nowadays between visa issues and bout cancellations. In the span of time he's been in the UFC, another guy has already debuted, fought for and won 2 belts.

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Khamzat retired and then Kadyrov and the Chechen government forced him to continue fighting. I don't think he even wants to be a fighter
He’s just as talented. Even jones struggled against Gus

He has worse striking defense, overall striking, endurance, fight IQ, and was scared to go into Gilbert's guard. Seems to have a worse chin too. We've never seen Jones dropped.

He has better submissions and a bit better wrestling.
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Sorry. Repeating his Nate fiasco, similar scummy act, makes him lose any credibility as a title contender.
He has only himself to blame.

and personally, I wasn't really for this khamzat vs whittaker fight, He never deserved it.