Khabib's next fight


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Jun 2, 2010
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He's got some vicious elbows and is 19-0. I know he wants Diaz but that's quite a big step up from Tavares. I'd personally like to see him Khabib fight Jamie Varner. What are some other more realistic possibilities?
khabib is the same dude that put on a suplex clinic a couple fights ago right? or am I mixed up here.
Hard to say, I thought he lost the Tibau fight pretty clearly.

Maybe the winner of Grant vs Wiman?
That would be Rustam Khabilov. The other Russian.

both those guys are impressive. guess we'll have to see how far the train goes.

they mentioned he wore a shirt that read "if sambo was easy, it would be called jiu jitsu" :icon_lol:

now that takes some balls
Nice, I like winner of Grant/Wiman or Barboza as well.

Since people mentioned both Pat Healy and Eddie Alvarez, it might be cool for those two to fight each other. Winner goes on to a title shot or a number one contender match. I'm tired of cherry-picked imports getting the star treatment.
There are countless great matchups for him right now!

-Nate (he called him, would like it)
-Winner of grant/wiman
-Winner of Gomi vs Sanchez
I'd like to see him fight Miller. That would be a good test for him.