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Aug 12, 2005
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Anybody in the Phoenix, AZ area know of local retailers who carry kettlebells? I called a bunch of retailers in the yellowpages and no one has them. Just trying to avoid the massive shipping costs.
I think there is a post somewhere on the strength and conditioning forums about making your kettle bells own you might wanna dig thru the search engine and find it there
I love those DIY type things always posted around here. Good find.
It's very easy to find them on the web of course. Many sources....but in stores, probably not.

there are other ways to utilize the kettlebell principles with other types of equipment, which is what i do.

Kettlebells are ridiculously expensive!!!!!!....and cost prohibitive for almost everybody unless you are a large gym. Most people can only afford one or two single kettlebells of differing weight to save money. I think it's like about two cents a pound, or around that. Pretty expensive if you want to buy a single 40lber.