Kent BJJ Open Competition


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Jan 15, 2006
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I Know its a bit of a way for most of you - and Ill be TTT it a bit between now and then, But just to let you know - comments welcome!

The Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team would like to invite you all to THE KENT OPEN!

1st Kent BJJ Open Competition

On Sunday 2nd November Dartford Judo Club will host this inaugral event. This multi million pound facility will be the battle ground for a full schedule of BJJ fights -
White Belt through to Black Belt
Male and Female
Rooster to Super Super Heavy + Absolutes
(all subject to entrants)

Doors open at 9-15 fights start at 10.

Please see for further details. Email us or call us using the details from the Kent Open site for further information. Or failing that speak to us at the Seni next week!!

Everyone is welcome to attend and given the fantastic location and transport links - ie - 30 seconds from the Dartford Tunnel - its an event that can be attended very easily. There are a couple of hotels within 5 min walk, we are in negotiation at the moment to organise rates, and closer to the time will publish these.

Dartford Judo Club is the countries flagship Judo Facility and has been built with no expense spared.This facility will be a superb place for fighters and spectators.

See you on the mats!!!!
This is the competitors list so far!!!

Updated again -

Rene Adams -
Craig Ali -
Alex Ashby -
Kaser Aslam -
Dario Bacci
Michael Bailey -
Emma Baker -
Patrick Baker -
Dean Barker -
Joe Beaven -

Robert Beck -
Leslie Bediade
Liam Beechinoor -
Attila Belecz -
Jason Bell
Kieran Bhugobaun -
Andrew Blanchard -
Tom Boswell
Michael Bowman -
David Broughton -

Paul Broughton -
James Carty -
Keith Casson -
Richard Clover -
Graham Coles -
Jamie Christlow -
Doug Creed -
Greg Creel -
Paul Collis
Antonio Correa

Gareth Cox -
Robert Dawes -
Laurie Dodson -
Adrian Dominiak -
Lee Doyle -
Brian Earl -
David Evans -
Wayne ***an -
Pavel Fedorov -
Janos Feher -

Shane Fitzgibbon -
Gabor Fodor -
Balazs Fustos -
Al Fulton -
Oliver Geddes -
Brett Goodyear -
Barnaby Gorton
Pippa Grainger -
Russ Grant -
James Hardy -

James Harrison -
Ben Heasley
Ryan Hendry -
Peter Hocking -
Keiran Holder -
Dave Holland -
Hugh Holme -
Michael Hume -
Ty Husbands -
David Hyde -

Patryck Jankoviak -
Oliver Keisher
Russell Kennedy
Alex Kennedy
Gyorgy Kosztalancy -
Marc Korom -
Attila Kovacs -
Michael Krueger -
Nick Langstaff -
Lee Lawrence -

Norbert Lewandowski -
Tim Lodge -
David Lonsdale -
Martin Luff -
Tony Lynagh -
Saeed Malik
Ben Machin -
Kurzawa Maciej
Rob McCrum
Christopher McDermott -

Caoimhe McGill -
Eduardo Mecato
Istvan Molnar -
Kevin Monteleone
Phil Mosely -
Sean Murphy -
Christopher Nolan -
Ross Nicholls -
Brian Oconnell -
Daniel O'Hara

Jadon Ortlepp -
Ferenc Pajor -
Mike Partridge -
Andy Patrick -
Matt Passfield -
Petar Pecija -
Colin Penn -
David Potter -
Jeremy Powell
Tim Radcliffe -

Omar Rashid -
Steffan Reader -
Keiran Rice -
Gary Richards -
Errol Richardson
Simon Riley -
Andy Roberts -
Simon Roberts -
Andrew Rodrigues
Martin Rogers -

Danny Russel -
Andy Ryan -
John Samuel -
Richard Scott -
Karm Shah
Tom Shala
Denny Skingle -
David Smith -
David Smith
Meg Smitley -

Joseph Smyth -
Krzysztof Stepien -
Tom Stevens -
Athur Szwed
Edgar Tacs
Merat Tafreshi
Merhad Tafreshi
Ben Taylor -
Luke Taylor
David Tobin -

Judith Toth -
Lawrence Venter -
Ben Waite -
James Walsh -
Robert Watt
Adam Watts -
John Weir -
Bartosz Wietryzykoski -
Louie Williams -
Neil Williams -

Tom Wilson -
Piotr Wolek -
Patrick Zimmermann -

143 competitors so far!