Karo's instructionals, Worth getting?


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Feb 28, 2005
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Just like the title says. Does anyone own it or have reviewed it...I want some feedback. Holidays are coming up.....I'm looking for a gift.
From what I have seen of them they look really technical and helpful, I would reccomend getting them.
Yes, buy them if you are looking for good instructionals on clinch fighting for mma, or even no gi. I have them, and they are very very good.
he goes over the same grips for like 15 minutes on end for all of his techniques.
I watched two of the three parts, and found it very helpful. They are very indepth.

From what I have seen (just a few clips), they are very good.
I have this one and it is a very good instructional, Karo takes you through very step by step so for someone with no Judo will find the techniques somewhat easy to follow.
Remember to have a good uke who has a good ukemi though.
I bought the set a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty good but I would not say that they are the best Instructionals that I have seen and I have seen alot of instructionals. Personally for straight Judo, i think that Swain has a much better set of judo instructionals despite the fact that it is with a gi. As for throws and takedowns, you might want to look into Darrel Gholars videos on Vale Tudo takedowns or Throws for Vale Tudo (I think that with the combo of Swain and Gholar you can figure out the grips yourself). Finally, if you want to save some money on throwing/takedown instructionals you can always buy Mark Kerrs old instructionals from Panther video for about $10 each.

It's mostly for MMA and not so much Judo, as they talk about knee bars and other things you can't do in a judo comp. Put they are great instructionals. I only have 2 or them, and they are very useful!