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Kajukenbo Effective


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Oct 11, 2005
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I am new to board and wanted to know if Kajukenbo is an effective martial art. I have heard some good and bad things about it. Can someone please share some information. Thank you.
any style can be effective, it's what you make of it.
And also there is no one thing to solve all answers.

best to cross train and educate yourself.

so it comes down to it being you that's effective not the art.

where there is a will, there is a way.
thank you. Just wondering if anyone else on this forum practices the art?
How do you mean effective? Like in the ring or on the street?
what art is it comparable to? no one wants to look it up lol
its a martial art from hawaii that masters of diffrent martial arts combined , i think kajukenbo is more for the street then the ring

ka= karate

ju=judo, jiu jitsu



That explains enough.

Well it looks like a good crossed MA&MMA but as long they don't train fully every technique like the groundgame, takedown defense&attack, etc.

Then I don't think it could be effective for MMA if you would like to compete in it !
its one of those well rounded TMA,
but not good for MMA
Kajukenbo I read is more street oriented than ring savvy. It s an old version or TMA versian of Reality Based martial Arts
I think Vernon White mentions this as one of his styles in the documentary that comes with KOTC1-10
Kajukenbo is taught at my school.

It basicly involves:
blocking an attack
counter-attack with a punch or a kick
grab the guy
twist random body parts
take him down
finish him with leg strikes to the head and walk away.

Im a MT guy, and seriously that shit is scary.
Say a kajukenbo fighter enters a MMA arena and dominates. Everyone would change their mind about it and try it out. But it same fighter could put TKD under his name and do the same. It's not the style, it's most certainly the fighter. So, for me to tell you not to train in Kajukenbo would be wrong. As long as you keep an open mind about other styles. Try it.
i went to it when i was younger. like 9 or 12 i forget, but its......idk like dancing? a lot of katas n so on. step here kick attacker here, twirl around block this. idk i dont wanna diss it, but yeah its a tma. the sparring was done with those foam gloves/head protectors and it was touch stuff. we did get to those stationary water bags tho.... the sparring was point sparring. i honestly believe my 1 year of hard boxing training is worth more then that stuff.
His website says he studied Koei Kan Karate.
my previous instructors started out studying kajukenbo. they transitioned to MMA pretty well. now they mainly do kickboxing and bjj. their philosophy is "whatever works!" it really depends on the school...if you want to do mma, find a school that does mma, if you want to check kajukenbo out, check it out. most people never heard of it, other people will say it sucks because it sounds TMA, make your own decision.
Does it have sparring and competetion, or is it just straight kata/TMA stuff?
Kajukenbo has a lot of boxing and Karate and Jujutsu stuff in it..... its really Hawaiian Kemp. I mean Im sure you could come up with differences but its the same thing: Hardcore Hawaiian martial arts. Seriously, Ive sparred people who train this shit and they were CRAZY! And I mean these guys are all formiddable. Its one of those hardcore styles like MT, just not a lot of students under it. A classic saying is "Kajukenbo is not practiced properly until there is blood on the floor" I shit you not.