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Mar 18, 2007
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In Vol. 2 of "The Grind with Justin Rader" we learn about Justin's endeavors on and off the mat. Justin takes us through his grueling schedule that blends graduate level studies with international level competitive jiu jitsu. We discuss how Justin has developed his jiu jitsu style, the role Ryan Hall may have played and why he isn't afraid of rematching top blackbelts like Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles and Rafael Mendes of the Mendes Bros. We also discuss weight cutting, nutrition, his evolution as a martial artist and what it means to be a "Master".

In this episode we also touch base with Jon Thomas the founder of Tap Cancer Out. We discuss the amazing success TCO has had in 2012 and their goals for 2013. Be sure to check out their latest project here http://www.indiegogo.com/tapcancerout

Great Job guys! Thanks for posting this! :)

We're glad you liked it. I really do think this series with Rader is a "must listen" for anyone that actively competes. I don't say this to get more downloads, I really do believe Rader has an amazing perspective on his rise to the top. It's amazing what he pulls off between his graduate studies, internship, teaching, training etc. It's hard not to respect his work ethic!

If you did like the show and have time we'd appreciate a rating on iTunes! If not let us know what we need to do better in the future! Thanks!

Here is the link to Vol 1 if you missed it

Class act all around. Awesome edition. Man that schedule leading up to the nogi worlds sounded absolutely brutal! Listening to this makes me want to step up my strength & conditioning a bit. I think he made some really strong points.