Just watched American Murder: The Family Next Door

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Chesten_Hesten, Nov 1, 2020.

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    Just watched on Netflix. I'm sure its been posted before, however what was interesting to me was the polygraph and the subsequent interrogation.

    Couldn't find a clip, here's a long clip.

    Anyway, the polygraph tester and the Cop's leading seemed pretty stark. They were doing some intense fishing.

    You know I picture a sociopathic executive type, cutting them off and calling his lawyer.

    Luckily he was too stupid and agreed to let them continue until it got him.

    I think it interesting how police, using accusation, leading and misleading statements illicit truth in the end.

    In This Case.

    How many times, using the same tactics do they illicit confessions which don't reveal truth?

    Anyone else pick up on that in the doc?

  2. Carniusss Brown Belt

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    Lol when the dad comes in to talk to the son he mentions a lawyer and a few seconds later the detectives are in the room again.

    Seriously though what a true POS. And when he’s backed so far into a corner he says the mom killed the girls first. Then he drove them and dumped them in an oil tank.

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