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Just stumbled across this video of bert cooper fighting joe savage

Nice find.

A classic case of Pro vs. Joe.
Somewhat prior to this, Savage had issued a challenge to Frank Bruno, but thought better of it after watching Bruno
Thanks for that, Savage didn't have a clue how to block that left. Like McCoy said, classic case of Pro vs Joe.
Interesting. Did they just pull the 42-0 (42 KO's) thing out of their ass or what?
Nice find. Bert Cooper is my all time favorite journeyman.

From the looks of that footage thats some obscure shit.
You might remember Savage being an entrant in the 1993 "People's Choice" One night Heavyweight Tournament, but he bailed out at the last minute from that.

...Different sized dragnet of talent and a different level of expectation in the real pro game.

I think I remember that Kid.

Was that the tourney that Cooper participated in as well?