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just received my quanos shooto gloves


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Jan 10, 2003
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bought a pair from budovideos for 64.90 shipped ups ground. i'm not an expert on mma gloves, i only have the 4oz and 8 oz truth gloves, fairtex nhb gloves, century mma gloves and the title boxing "grappling gloves" but out all of the those i would have to say that the shooto gloves would be the best for training. there's ample about of padding around the knuckles not as much as a pair of 14oz boxing gloves but enough for light striking. haven't had the opportunity to try them on the heavy bag or pads yet but when i do i'll update this thread. as far as fitting issues, i ordered a size small as i am 5'7" and 160 lbs. the gloves well they fit like a glove no pun indended. it did feel a little tight on the loops over my fingers but i think i just have soften the leather up a little. all in all the best training gloves i've purchased and hopefully the last.
I always use the Shooto OUANO gloves for training.... I wonder where I can get Quano gloves???

don't worry about the tightness on you the leather will stretch with use.

Hi man, how are the gloves after extended use? I want to make sure about a few things before I pluck down 60+ for these.

1. Based on the padding, do you think it would absorb repeated bagwork?

2. Hows it sparring with these gloves?

3. Does it affect grappling signficiantly?


4. Worth the $60 bucks?
if he only just got them, how could he tell u how they are after extended use?

I've used mine for many months, and i can tell you they hold up fine, no stitching problems, nothing. sparring is good, but as with actual sparring standup, it's better to train your standup with boxing gloves, as it's too easy to hurt people throwing big punches in MMA gloves, but thats jusyt my oppinion. Pad work is fine though, and no it doesnt affect grappling much, you adjust. :p