Just ran first race today. (OKC marathon relay)

Dewey Buntler

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Feb 19, 2005
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Today I took part in the Okc marathon relay. OKC Marathon > Home
I was initially supposed to run the 10k leg but then was later asked to switch to the 12k leg this week. I had never ran a 5k or a 10k ever so this stuff was kind of new to me. I started training about 8 weeks ago although I could/should have trained a little harder in the beginning weeks.

I had been running a few miles then walk for a min or 2 then run some. Finally I reached a point where I could cover 6.2 miles with a combination of running and a little walking. My uncle who helped organize our family had been sick and asked me to run the 12k instead.

It was pretty neat my grandmother(77) was doing the 5k and my cousins daughter (6) was doing the other 5k leg and with my uncle doing the first leg and my dad doing the last.
1st Leg
well im a fellow sherdogger and i enjoy races, i recently started running(bout 2 months ago) and have been in a couple little races, its fun, im gona stick with it
This weekend I am Running a half Marathon in Lincoln, Ne. First distance race, but have run distance track and cross country, and my training partner and I are ready to run.