just got a keiko raca gi...question


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Jul 26, 2006
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first off i know this belongs in gear section, i posted there but i need a quick answer cuz i dont know what to do...and i mostly post here.. thanks a lot, mods just keep this for a day or two please, thanks.

ok so i am like 5 foot 9, and i weigh like around 150. I got a black size a2 keiko raca....

according to me hearing they shrink a lot, and the size chart..it seems fine...however when i tried it on its pretty big on me. and what threw me off is, it has a label and it says PRE SHRUNK....

so are only the old ones the ones that shrink? will i be able to shrink this one? or should i go with the a1?

damn, i was looking forward to training in it....but right now the skirts a good 3 or so inches longer then my koral a2s, and the sleeves are maybe 2 inches longer....

so what should i do? get an a1? or will this one shrink even though it says preshrunk...i dont want to try to shrink it and then not be able to return it.
i think it's just the coloured ones that are pre-shrunk... pre-shrinking is part of the colour-stay process IIRC
I just got a Keiko as well about a month ago. I talked to a worker at Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear (where I got my gi) about that "Pre Shrunk" tag, and he just laughed. He said that was not true and not to mind that. He also said that when he ships those Gi's out he takes off that "Pre Shrunk" tag. I went ahead and bought it. It shrunk a good 2-3 inches on the sleeves, skirt gets shorter, really shrinks alot
i think it's just the coloured ones that are pre-shrunk... pre-shrinking is part of the colour-stay process IIRC

I got a Navy one. Had the Pre shrunk tag and everything. Still shrank a lot, 2-3 inches on the sleeves
bearcat, thanks for your reply....how much did the skirt shrink? and its pretty baggy overall, did it get a slimmer fit?

When i see guys competing(braulio, alliance guys) who wear keiko gis, they are so slim! but mine is baggy as hell! So i figured maybe thats after it shrunk?

bearcat, thanks a lot for your reply man! get back to me please! i appreciate it alot!!!
i have 2 keiko raca gi's (black and white). the black top shrunk to probably an a1 at most when it was accidently dried by my roommate. they do tend to come out bigger then then should. i should of bought an a1 instead of an a2.

i did shrink the white one to where i wanted it to be. just dry it in the dryer, don't keep it in there too long, its all on timing. i'd recommend washing it inside out just in case of the fading of the color.
ok guys, thanks...so looks like it shrinks and ill be fine....

what threw me off was the "pre shrunk" tag, i thought maybe the new models were pre shrunk, but i guess not.

but DAMN, the sleeves and shoulders are wide...i hope that shrinks also
Keiko gi's shrink for sure..and some of them turn a temporary pink hue when they are in the dryer. :)

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