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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Gavin LeFever, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. so my first bjj day was a few months ago and i feel pretty good where im at now. i see it from my own point of view and new guys coming in how people progress in bjj. from getting tapped every 5 seconds, to getting tapped every 3 minutes by blues and purples, to tapping new guys and decent whites--where i am now. the progress helps to inspire ya back onto the mats every week. love it.

    my triangle is a 1 on a scale of 10, i know what one looks like but it's so telegraphed from me to the guy staring at me as he does the one arm pass, it's just weak at this point, but my omoplata has gotten a little better since i've been drilling it more often. i probably wont get a tap but the transition to sweep or even leg locks from there is good.

    my leglocks as a whole have gotten a lot better, still not perfect but im getting some taps on some. on the better whites and above, i might not score with it, but now they have to watch their legs for a kneebar before they go for an attack so they cant be as offensive as they'd like to be. that's also a bonus.

    im scoring more armbars and knowing where and when they present themselves. i like this a lot. i have someone's back and they know to block a choke--armbar. again, not perfect but definate progress. one thing is that im always a bit weary of kicking someone in the face when i swing that leg over but, missing that leg over the face will make you lose your armbar. i need to work on making this smoothe.

    my guard is more comfortable to me, but not much better than before, honestly. my halfguard is very good. i can pull halfguard all the time and not get tapped while working a leglock or pass. a lot of times ill go to half vs a big strong guy. i might not get a sweep but im in no danger and i can stay comfortable and not squished. its just hard to compromise a good base from a strong guy in any case. one thing, i hate how you're not suppose to go for kneebars with gi's on. but i have improved my flexibility with 30 mins of pure stretching everyday before practice so i can go from half guard and pull my own foot around their free lleg and over their hip and into a leglock position for achillies.

    and the other day i almost almost almost got my instructor in a kneebar from halfguard. so close, yet so far.
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    nice to see you are progressing
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    I was in the same boat as you re: triangles. What I have found works better where the move isn't telegraphed is I will go to spider guard from the open guard and then its a simple matter to get the triangle.
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    right on buddy. try taking over the school by challenging ur master to a fight. im in school fulltime right now so Im very jealous of ur bjj fun.
  5. not sure what you mean, but the instructor is a purple under royce and i guy two years above me who i used to wrestle with on my HS team. everyone rolls with everyone at my gym if they stay long enough, including him so i'm always looking to hit him with something he's taught me.
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    It sounds like your trying to hit defencive triangls as they are passing your guard. That's good, and don't stop trying, but I've found that it's harder to catch them that way untill you are better with your offencive triagles. The difference being you are attempting them off their inititive, where as if it's offencive it's when you are ready, and when you have set them up.

    Drill triangles like a mad man. If you want to be a guard player I think that is one of the most important things you can do.

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