Just a little motivational story.


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Oct 25, 2007
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I have been training MT and BJJ for about 2 years off and on when I first started my conditioning was absolutley horrible after 2-3 months of training I noticed huge improvements but since then the improvements have been much slower.

The gym that I got to doesn't have seperate classes for beginners so I didn't feel like I was getting pushed as hard as I should have been so I decided to start training on my own about a month and a half ago.

Anyways to make a long story short about 3 weeks ago I started doing sprints I run full out 100M in 40sec time frames so if I get there in 17 seconds I get 23 seconds rest. I do that 8 times then rest a minute and I do three rounds of that. I have to say my conditioning has gone through the roof compared to what it was a couple months ago.

I really noticed it last night when I got together with one of my old training partners from the gym and did some sparring. He has been training for quite awhile and sports a 3-1 pro record so needless to say he is quite a bit better then I am. We sparred hard for 3 rounds first one 5min. second one 7min. and the third 5mins. and I am extremely proud to say I did not gas at all although I definately got rocked a few times.

So thats my little story hope it wasn't too boring I just wanted to share my experience and see if it could help keep anyone else motivated. Now all I can think about is getting out there and training again tonight.
Cool story. Are you holding a stop watch in your hand to time yourself. How did you decide on the 40 second time frame?

I'm asking because I don't like doing rigid timed sprints. I just started doing sprints on an uphill slope at random intervals. ie. sprint to that tree, walk to the rock, jog to the branch, sprint again. etc.

I don't carry a stop watch I just sprint to the exhaustion point.

8 rounds = 24 sprints ? So you are done in about 1/2 hour? That's what I like. 1/2 hour and I'm done.
Yea I have a timer I carry. I actually got this workout from an interview with Frank Shamrock I read a couple years ago he said they do it in 30sec. intervals though so I am trying to work my way up to that. The first week I did it I did 45 sec. intervals and have been doing 40sec ones since I will try doing 35 sec. next week maybe.
I sprint the 100m 8 times per round and I do 3 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between so including stretching and my warm up jog it takes about a half hour.
So 8 x 40sec. which equals 5:33 sec per round.
The thing I really like about it is when I start out it usually takes me 16-17 sec to sprint the 100m and buy the time I am done it takes me about 24 sec. so when that 40 seconds is up and it's time to run again I have barely recovered at all but I have definately noticed my recovery times are at least half what they used to be. I can easily hit pads hard for 5 x 5min. rounds with a minute in between without gassing now.