Junior dos Santos: "Cain has chances of taking me down. I'm ready to submit someone."

JDS with serious bjj skills is a scary proposition
Submitting your foes with your fists is fine with me but if this animal shows a crazy ground game then the HW division might as well fold until he retires.
I can see Dos Santos winning by submission I'm not sure with which opponent. I believe him when he says he has improved.
If he had BJJ as good as his striking, he'd be a GOAT candidate.
jds will lose by tko to cain via gnp
I believe he could submit Hunt if he somehow gets a shot.
JDS trains with the Nog brothers and is a athletic champion I am sure he could get his BJJ up to a high level. He would be even more of a threat to all the big wrestlers in the division if they spend 2 rounds trying to get him down just to get submitted and if they can't get him down they will get picked apart or KO'd.
He already made both Cro Cop and Cain V. submit to strikes, so he doesn't really need to prove anything.
there will b no need. cain will b lying flat on his ass after another big right hand before the end of round 1 probly
He already submitted Crocop

Wonder if he is going to test it against Cain?

Nah overhand right again...
Like I said, he made Cro Cop verbally quit and had Cain tapping the mat faster than a cocaine fueled Michael J Fox.