Junior Dos Santos blames loss on his kidneys, creatine levels and personal problems


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Jan 11, 2011
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"Really it was my head, I had some personal things going on, a bit of my attention was lacking because of it."

"And another thing. Soon after the fight I went to the hospital and had a scan, which showed my creatine level was too high. The normal level is up to 300, mine was in 1400."

"I also had trouble in the urine and kidneys. The explanation of the doctors is that I pushed over the line, I overtrained and problems could have happened even before the fight… I was so good that I ended up crossing the line."

"That was the explanation of doctors. Mine is that I was not good with my head, was having personal problems and did not go well mentally in the fight."​

when will fighters realize that saying shit like this hurts their public image? best thing to do after a loss is not say anything that isn't related to "i'll be back."
Those things and Cain was on top of him for 25 minutes.
JDS would be more of a man if he just says that he needs to train harder and become better, and take his ass kicking like a man. Not fucking say bullshit like MA PROTEIN LEVELS WERE HIGH, MA KIDNEYS WERE SORE. MA HEAD IS DELUSIONAL!
Kidneys, creatine levels and personal problems have nothing to do with leaving your hands down.

Just like Chuck, he was going to get caught eventually.
Cmon junior don't do this.
Then again he hangs with Big Nog. The biggest excuse maker in MMA.
Well that proves it, Brown pride >>> Creatine pride.

I knew Cain had nothing to do with JDS' loss. That sneaky Mexican.
The ESPN article calls it a "Catalog of excuses"

I lold hard at that
Seems like the Brazillian macho bravado cannot withstand the harm of a defeat. Every warrior becomes a crying children after a loss. A shame, really. At least a guy like Machida takes his beating, pulls no excuses and even makes fun of himself afterwards.

TMA rules!
He gave Cain full props literally the same night of the fight.
Does not sound like JDS.

Sounds like managers saying things for him to say. Especially give the delay.

Oh well, Cain smashed him either way.