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Oct 28, 2011
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Okay, I started Judo about a year ago and so far I'm enjoying it a-lot.
My Gi has shrunk which has annoyed me, Adidas J800 which cost me
Check out DAX brand kimonos. Also I'm not to sure what you mean about your elbows. If you're hurting them from throws you need to be practicing your ukemi so that you not landing on a planted elbow, otherwise you must be locking your arms out and hyperextending your elbow which you also need to address.
I consider it as Tennis Elbow, I've got a few Elbow braces but they don't really assist in relieving the pressure put upon them.

What DAX Gi do you recommend? heavy Double weave suits me the best.

Thank you for the reply by the way.
You should see an orthopedist or physiotherapist for your elbow, to really make sure whether it is lateral epicondylitis (i.e. "tennis elbow") or not -- if you can determine what specific pathology is affecting your elbow, you'll know how to treat it effectively.

The Dax Moskito was a great, stiff double weave gi back in the day, but it's since fallen out of IJF regulations (sleeves too narrow, lapel too stiff, setsugi too wide) and is therefore no longer available here in North America. However, I'm sure there has been a successor model released in Europe, you should look into it!

Moreso than judogi brand, you should consider your washing and drying methods if correct fitment/shrinkage is your concern. Cold water wash with hang dry minimizes shrinkage, but you may have to deal with a gi that doesn't dry completely by your next practice, particularly with thick judogi's... You may need to consider buying a size up and shrinking to fit, but that's always a gamble since shrinking characteristics can be somewhat unpredictable (especially if you can't try a gi on before you buy; sizing charts are only of limited use, at least for me).