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Judah VS Mosley is POSTPONED!!

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by IamaFight Freak, May 8, 2008.


    Sep 2, 2002
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    I'd lean towards Zab pushing weight as opposed to being a stock market whiz to make side money. Then again, I just saw a real sports segment that focused on the investment genius Lenny Dykstra, so who knows right?

    Cris Angel is a fuckin tool, but he has dough and plows hot chicks so he's doin something right I guess. Pussy.

    As for the bach party, god willing this doesn't fall through.I'm on a tight leash with the lady and need to cut loose, no better place than Vegas.

    King is was in GNC today, one of the ones in central cali, I'm all about the 28 dollar Muscle Milk, and for the first time ever they didn't try to push the multi on me. I was shocked.

    Sorry if this is gettin too OT, I've had a few Blue moons.

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