Jones and Chael Sitting and having fun together [UNREAL!!]


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Jun 11, 2008
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Wow are they in good terms now or just all the trash talk by chael is pure promotional of the upcoming fight

Merry Christmas Sherdoggerz!

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this is old as hell

but yeah, promotional, as always.
why, whats unreal with that?

I would call UNREAL the fact that some people actually bought that grudge

In a strange twist, I'm now more interested in their fight. Can't we promote fights with guys who genuinely like each other, but fight because they're competitors & warriors?
Some power struggles have fangs, some have smiles. so what?
hendo is going to replace chael
Chael doesn't have bad blood with anyone. He fabricates beef to draw attention away from the fact he has little chance in the title fights he get's in.

Jones never had any beef either because at this point he's just collecting paychecks and tallying up W's at LHW. He'll gladly play into Chael's hype if it means he'll get more buys because aside from Gus no one wants to pay to watch Jones dismantle under matched fighters.

This fight is a joke. I get why it's happening, but Jones should be fighting Hendo or Gus. Chael is going to look like a fool in this fight and will probably retire to the broadcast booth or ESPN after.
The only reason anyone wanted to see this fight was because of the history.

Jones ducks Chael at the last minute, chael starts calling him a pussy on TV and all sorts of stuff. Now they look like they're best friends, can we just scrap this garbage fight.. does it even have a date?
lol thats awesome. chael has made an entire career on being an above average hard working fighter and having great charisma.
Well, you know what they say:

"Keep your friends close...but your fake enemies used to hype up a PPV even closer."
I can't believe professional fighters aren't violent mongoloids. It's like they can act civilized and treat other people with dignity and respect.

Not sure how this "video" was done, but I'm convinced it's one of the best shoops of all time.
I dont care for Jones at all. Until he fights and stays at Heavyweight he will be my most hated fighter in history.
hendo is going to replace chael

Yea I think it's all part of the plan , or I may just be looking into it too much but I believe Dana set all this shit up to help ultimate fighter ratings but still give hendo his title shot and im sure hendo is training for jones not machida .

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