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Jones already won on paper, argument solve nothing

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by fedordestroyall**, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. fedordestroyall** Green Belt

    Jul 27, 2012
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    Even changing Gus to win won't make Gus happy about it
    I re-watch the fight again in HD and nobody win in my opinion.
    Gus didn't beat Jones.
    Jones hurt more, but I feel like Gus head is almost explode from that elbow. He might even have brain damage after the fight.
    Both fighters in the hospital.

    Since Gus is the challenger and he didn't beat Jones by domination, and it's it's head to head battle, I don't see him winning or beating Jones.
    Same with Jones, he didn't beat Gus too.

    To e nobody win this fight so Jones get to keep his belt cause it was original his belt.

    I hope there's a rematch. Or Jones vs Glover, Gus vs Mousasi, then ones vs Gus 2 next Fall.
  2. 0vary hugger** Banned Banned

    Apr 29, 2012
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    The fans won.

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