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Jon Jones will defeat Sonnen with superior wrestling

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Henderlei KO

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Sep 7, 2010
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I honestly believe so. The MMA world will, in turn, hype up Jon Jones as unstoppable even more. He will have out-stuck the most dangerous strikers (Machida, Vitor, Page) and out-wrestled the best wrestlers (Sonnen, Shad, Bader.)

Sonnen will attempt to keep the pressure on Jon, which won't be easy to do due to Jones' outstretched arm and knee kick defense. However, when he does manage to grab him, Jones will keep busy with knees to the body and trips/throws.

While repeatedly getting stuffed and tripped, Sonnen will begin to get badly out-struck on the feet, only to be taken down again and eventually finished with elbows or submission late in the third.

Jones makes his 5th defense of his title.
I dont know! I think this may be the first time we see Jones on his back and defending. I think Jon will take it, but it wont be that easy.
On paper Jones may not be the better pure "wrestler"...But he's going to be the one scoring the TD's, and winning the grappling.
It's going to be an absolute destruction of Sonnen.
It will good to see him on his back.What was that quote again?I'm a republican so i dont have a man between my legs?
It doesn't take a rocket science to make that prediction TS. I tend to agree with you, although I hope Chael can somehow win it.
chael is one tuff dude and has a specific style that jones has never faced before.

it wont be a walk in the park for jones
Jones easily dispatched a decent wrestler in Hamill, I would be shocked if it didn't go the same way for Sonnen.
i don't think Chael will get one takedown. I'd be surprised if he lands one good hit at all. Jones is going to put him on his ass and elbow his head into mush.
Jones is too big for Sonnen. Bones by any way he wants. I'm still rooting for Sonnen.
Bones will win by whatever he wants, so there's no predicting here. It's entirely up to what he feels like at the time, I think, because I don't think Sonnen will be able to dictate the pace of the match or control anything.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not coming out here saying I have some groundbreaking analysis. I'm just saying he will out-class the guy many people claim to be the best wrestler in MMA. Sure, people think Jon will win, but plenty of people are saying either:

  • It will be his toughest fight
  • It's the first time we will see Jones on his back
  • Jones hasn't faced this kind of pressure

Ect. ect. I just don't see it that way. He walks through Sonnen, who happens to be one of my favorite fighters, and goes on to face a legit contender for the first time since Rashad. (Gus)
I agree that Chael probably loses but I think he puts up a better fight than many seem to think he will. He has underrated standup and he's not gonna be shy about trying to put Jones on his back. Let's also not forget that Jones isn't Anderson. Jones' size makes him a real presence in that cage. Rampage and Rashad probably could've beaten him if they just went for it instead of waiting on Jones so much. I don't see Chael having the same problem.
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