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Media Jon Jones threatens troll online - “it’s not hard to find you”

Dumbass. If your life is so great, you wouldn’t really care about what some bum online thinks. Also, people are insane like you Jon, and bullets don’t care about your stand up skills.

That is the problem with people with narcissistic tendencies - They can not take any critique.

"When you express criticism to narcissists, they experience it like a massive physical attack. For narcissists, it feels like the destruction of their person. Depending on the relationship and context, the reaction is usually very exaggerated. This happens sooner or later."

There has been MANY cases where narcissists threw away their whole life over the most minor shit.
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We as a collective should storm Jon Jones gym and take him down. It’d be like the Area 51 raids, they can’t stop all of us!
Now you now how low level Jon is, when thinking "my life is gucci" is a flex.
gucci is for gypsies and prostitutes.