Jon Jones Says Stats Show He Is Better MMA Wrestler Than Sonnen


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Mar 21, 2011
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"Chael takes down a lot of opponents, but he has been taken down by*Demian Maia," Jones said. "Right now, I haven't been taken down by anyone. I'm not going to say that it isn't possible, but I'm going to have to say it's myself based on the stats."

"My opinion of Chael has been altered a little. I have realized that he is really good at putting up an act and that when he isn't acting he is a pretty solid individual," Jones said. "I am glad I got to spend this time with Chael because my thoughts of him were pretty brutal, so he's redeemed himself a little."

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I agree.. I think the match with sonnen is a complete waste of time, but hell jones has had a tough run, he deserves some padding on his r
In pure wrestling I would definitely give Chael Sonnen the edge.
jones admitted to getting trolled? what a gullible kid.

maybe chael could have avoided that td if he was 4 inches taller than maia with a 10in reach advantage :p
Jon's better everywhere in MMA, including wrestling in all its forms.
Well the only way to tell is when they fight, I'd guess Jones is better but we'll find out, would love Chael to take him down (he won't win though even if he does).
I mean if you look at what they have done of course JBJ looks like he has better wrestling but MMA Math kinda doesn't work when comparing a fighter has 20+ more fights than you.

And so c0cky
Jones is right here IMO. Even without the stats, Jones' wrestling seems more advanced in MMA than Sonnen's.
jones admitted to getting trolled? what a gullible kid.

maybe chael could have avoided that td if he was 4 inches taller than maia with a 10in reach advantage :p

A guy fighting at LHW was taken down by a guy fighting at WW and you want to use size as an excuse?
I think difference is that Jones can also take people down from the clinch, and also has trips. Chael pretty much just has the single/double leg though sometimes he can pick them up like he did Brian Stann (that would be fucking awesome though if he did that to Jones)

Because Jones can so easily control the standup and range of the fight I think it at least appears that he has the better wrestling but when they are actually just grappling I think Chael may, and that's a may, edge him.

Also, he's just talking about defensive wrestling in terms of takedown defense here. There are a lot of guys with great TDD but either don't have or don't even use their wrestling much like Aldo (though holding onto the cage helps sorry Mendes lolololol)
mmath doesn't work. but hey, all champs had their gimme fights....gsp vs serra, hardy, bj....silva vs lutter (not for title), jones vs sonnen....gotta build that legacy
Well then jones should have no problem taking down chael and out wrestling him.
Translation, this guy has no chance. I needed a breather after all those heavy hitters. :icon_chee
JBJ 17-1 > 27-12 Sonnen

JBJ 5-0 title fights > 0-3 Totle fights Sonnen

And soon to be 0-4 not a Jones fan either
Chael is all about the double leg. Jones can do it all when it comes to wrestling. He knows freestyle, folk and greco well.
I do think Sonnen has the wrestling ability to take anyone down, but he won't be able to keep Jones down and won't be able to do enough damage. He'll stick in the fight for 3 or 4 rounds and put up a decent fight, but it just won't be enough. Jones isn't losing at LHW.