Jon/Gus - It was called right.

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by mightymike86, Sep 22, 2013.

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    This was my favorite JBJ title defense yet. I really like both fighters and damn they fought their hearts out. I said it early on....."Gus is using movement well....but a lot of it ....he's going to fade if the fight goes deep" and he did. Bouncing and circling so much...used a lot more energy than JBJ. They both fought well. In terms of significant strikes though, JBJ had more with elbows and kicks. I hate those side kicks to the lead knee but it's legal, is what it is. Gus had some good combos where punches got through. Have to give it up for both of their chins and ability to recover. When the fight ended, I went to the restroom before the decision was announced, I knew JBJ had it and it would be a close decision. I would like to see a rematch, but think Glover gets next crack and Gus should have a contender fight in the meanwhile. Challenger shouldn't get an immediate rematch unless he took down the long time reigning champ, as much as I want to see it ...others have earned ....and Gus should prove....hope he does.
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    I agree. I'm very surprised at the responses from people. All this robbery talk. He hit harder with the boxing but Jones kicked and elbowed and threw more diverse strikes and pushed the pace. Gus looks gassed most of the fight cause he's a mouth breather. And never looks technically capable. It was a close fight, maybe it was cause I watched it with the sound off that I gave it to Bones. Joe and Goldie tend to subjectify at times.
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    Alex won that, shouldn't even be discussed.
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    Round 5: Gus outstruck Jones and got up without taking any damage from the lone takedown.

    Round 1-2 were Gus, unless like fight metric you pretended that all of Jones strikes were significant (spoiler, they were not). Round 3 was the real toss up, but I saw it for Gus. Round 4, I initially thought Gus controlled the majority of, but after rewatching it appeared it was Jones' round after the flurry.

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