Jon Anik steps in for 'injured' Mike Goldberg and faces off against Joe Rogan at 155

I would have preferred Florian but I dont mind Anik/Rogan.
Anik is a warrior stepping up on 24 hours notice to go toe to toe with a hall of famer elect in Joe Rogan. Props!
We've never seen this combo before. I'm convinced Anik just sucks and is a boring robot no matter who he's commentating with.
Not a fan of Anik's commentary....Too bad Chael can't step in. That would be fun.
LOL he's only stepping in since he has nothing to lose. No one legit would step in. Bullshit Dana why do I have to pay for this shit!!!
We will see how this goes. I don't hate Anik, but his lack of enthusiasm really annoys me.