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Johoho and a bottle of iron

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by joho, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. joho Guest

    About me:

    21 years old, Looking to get into amateur mma, been training on and off for about two years. Short term for now is to get some belts/ jewjitz competitions, and get a 1000 total for my big 3(inspired by hatchoo) at 145 lbs.

    Starting stats: 138 lbs average/ 63.05kg. 135lb(Dec 13/2010)

    1RM Squat Goal: 275
    Current Squat: 225

    1RM Front Squat Goal: 225
    Current Front Squat: 185

    "1RM Deadlift Goal:
    315(hit, Dec13.10)
    Current Deadlift: 315(Dec 13,2010)

    1RM Bench Press Goal: 185
    Current Bench Press: 155

    1RM SOHP Goal: 150
    Current SOHP: 110

    1RM Weighted Pullup Goal: 90
    Current Weighted Pullup: 65 (Dec 13 2010)

    Big 3 total: 695 @ 135bw (Dec 13 2010)

    Weekly Schedule:
    Mon: Strength training/cardio+ Thai shadowboxing/double end bag
    Tues: Rest Day
    Wed: Strength training, dragonboat practice
    Thurs: dragonboat practice, Jiu Jitsu (Nogi)
    Fri: Strength training, Jiu Jitsu (Gi)
    Sat: Jiu Jitsu(Gi)/ MMA Grappling
    Sun: Dragonboat Pool Practice

    Sep 19/10

    Went to test my 1RM today. @ bodyweight 140.27 Squats: 225, Deadlift: 215 C&J: 120

    Ran 3.2k worth intervals (sprint, jog, sprint, jog, sprint)

    Squats: 125x5, 130x3, 140x1, from there on, x1 until 225x1

    C&J: 95x5, 100x3, 105x1, x1 until 120x1

    Deadlift: 120x3, 140x1, 150x1, until 215x1

    Went home, ate, chilled, started shadow boxing.
    5x5min rounds + 2 rounds warmup
    -Knees, outside/inside roundhouse, basic 1-6 combo's, sprawls, and a ton of jabs and left hooks.

    Extra Notes: no 16' training gloves tonight, just worked on making sure my form was tight. I might have been able to dead more if I didnt squat too =P
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  2. joho Guest

    Today, rest day; cardio

    Sep 20
    Slow run 5k
    Bench Press: Barx10, 25kgx5, 35x3, 45x1, 47.5x1, 50x1, 55x1, 60x1([email protected])

    Extra Notes: Felt like crap. Super tired from yesterday, felt better after finding my bench press max.

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  3. joho Guest

    Sep 21/2010 "light cardio + abs day"
    Skipping rope 3x3 min rounds, 1 min break inbetween

    Circuit 1 x3( 1:30 breka between each set)
    Pull ups( chin to bar and freezing arms there, working abs by pulling legs up)-x5
    Rotations- 35lbs x5 (each side) x3(up down) x4(low to upper side)

    5 mins break

    Circuit 2 x3(2 min break between each set)
    Situps- Muay thai elbows to knees- 30 secs
    Box jumps- 20 secs
    Rotations 25 lbs- x8, x4, x6
    Chin ups (+30 lbs) x1


    1000m rowing warm up 4:07 -Resistance 10

    Total distance: 4016 Fastest Pull: 1:38(slow I know!) fastest 500- 2:00.1

    Bench press 135 5x1 hold bar out and do ab kicks till completely dead.
    Ab roll outs- 5x8

    Notes: felt like crapola all day, lower back was just screaming at me! My abs are in dire need of more work. Need to plank a LOT more. My intervals felt pretty good though, paced myself pretty nicely.
  4. MIDMOBOX Telling People things they don't want to know

    Feb 22, 2006
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    MID MO
    Welcome to the logs.

    what are your actual goals as far as MMA?

    also how old are you?
  5. joho Guest

    Sep 23/10
    Squats:Warm up 1x10bar,1x7 115, 1x5/5/3/3/2/2 135/155/175/185/190/195
    Deadlifts: 1x10 bar, 1x7 115 1x5/5/3/3/2/1/1 135/155/165/185/185
    Cardio: ran 5k, time: 31 mins approx, did slow pacing intervals.
    Bike machine: warm down 5 mins

    Calf raises: 50x30, 100x30, 150x30, 200: 2x50, 3x30, 210: 2x20

    Notes: God damnit I'm so slow at running!! My Wednesday off felt so amazing! Just bought a double end bag and set it up =D will start my new routine tomorrow after shadow boxing! Feeling pretty good after this work out!
    @ MIDMO I don't know if I'm qualified to say anything about goals in MMA yet, so we'll see. For now, I'd like to get a lot more experience and possibly a couple of amateur fights.

    I'm 21 btw.
  6. joho Guest

    Sep 24/10
    Bench Press: Bar x10, 115x5, 135x3, 135x2, 140x1x1
    SOHP: Bar x10, 65x5, 75x5, 95x1, 75x3
    Bicep grip Rows: 115x 5

    Circuit x 4
    Chinups+ 90 degree leg raises x 5
    Pullups 25x1
    Reactive Squat jump x 3
    Shoulder rolls 35(2) x5 forward, x5 back

    Tricep Pulldowns: 120 2x5

    BJJ started today, shrimps, basic techniques for an hour, rolled for another 45 mins.

    Notes: Today was messy. Really messy. Didn't feel like a worked out my upper body at all, felt super weak. I think I'm going to go back and see if I can make this routine a LOT better.

    No cardio today; Jujitsu took place of that. After half a year of not rolling, good God I need practice. Side control and I'm dead. I need a lot more upper body strength.

    Also, I got the Bas Rutten THAI boxing WOOOOO!!! shadow boxing + double end bagging it yeaaarrrr.
  7. joho Guest

    ARGH> forearm/elbow pain. Thought it would go away with just a day's rest, but its still there. lets see how bad it is tomorrow =(

    Hit my double end bag lightly for a couple of rounds, that was about it.
  8. joho Guest

    Sep 27/2010
    Squats: 140 3x8, 150 x5, 160 2x2, 170 x1
    SOHP: 80 5x5
    Deadlift: 135 x3, 170 x5
    Chin ups: 7, 1 min break, 8, superset from 40,35,30,20, BWx2
    Bench Press 110 2x5
    Dumbell Bench Press: 110 2x5

    Notes: No cardio until I get used to this new routine. It's Stronglifts 5x5 with Smolov squats. Dragonboat starts practice as well this week, as does Jiu jitsu. BTW, I failed on my 170 the first time, my legs just gave out and I was like shiiiiit, just sitting on the floor with it on my back.
  9. joho Guest

    Sep 28 2010 Day 2 of Smolov Introductory Microcycle
    Squats 140 3x8, 150 x5, 160 2x2, 170 x1

  10. joho Guest

    Sep 29/2010 day 3 introductory microcycle
    Squats: 4x5 150, 3x 160, 2x2 170, 1x 195

    Notes: Ow. Failed the 170 once, the 195 I barely got parallel.
    Dragonboat practice- lots of plyo/abs work + wall sit/cardio.. very easy as its the first workout of the year. Hardest part was the "have you ever" situp challenge; you have then 10 situps =/ I think I did over 300 situps xD
    Wall sit intervals 2mins/1rest x3
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  11. joho Guest

    Sep 30/2010
    Rowing machine 1 min interval,1 min rest, 100m sprint, 200 m sprint, 500m sprint, 1000m cooldown

    Dragonboat workout- lots of cardio/plyo; pushups, V-ups, light squats, reactive jumps, burpees.

    Jujitsu- Class was good Went over basics, finished with about an hour of grappling.

    Notes: wooooo no strength training for 3 days!! yeyea!
  12. joho Guest

    Oct 1/2010
    2 hours Jujitsu practice (gi on)
    practised basics, loved it.
    3x8 lunges
  13. joho Guest

    Oct 3/2010
    Dragonboat practice: 1 hour

    Notes: acute muscle pain in the shoulder, nothing near joints so thats ok.. Decided to take it easy and not go and do the Bas Rutten shadow/double end bag boxing cds. Tommorow is squat day anyways xD
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  14. joho Guest

    Oct 04/2010
    Warm up: run to gym (1.3k)
    Squats: 135x5, 165x3, 185x3
    Incline bench: 95x5, 110 2x5
    Pull/chinups Circuit x5: 35x1 pullup followed by 5 chinups, then calf raises. Minute break inbetween.
    Inverse Row Circuit x3: Inverse Rows x5, Kettlebell lift(squat then to opposite side of hands) 35kg x5 each side, weighted jumps(20 lbs) x5.

    Ran 3k
    Bas Rutten Thai boxing CD 5x3 minute rounds

    Notes: all in one sitting xD, I failed on the run(about 70%done) after strength training, my legs gave out when I was running on the pavement, I had to run on the grass instead.

    Was feeling like shit when I started shadowboxing, but after the first round, I felt great. for the 3-5 rounds, I was hitting my double end bag with combos. Didn't hunch my shoulders as much, got me relaxed and I started to get some head movement in as well as better footwork.

    GOTTA EAT MORE (stupid student budget)
  15. joho Guest

    Oct 5/2010
    6.6k (4.1 mile) run: 36:16
    20 minutes skipping rope
    5x3 rounds Bas Rutten Thai boxing CD: 3 heavybag, 2 shadowboxing.

    Notes: Super slow runner =( Definitely need to work on cardio. as always, feeling bloated from trying to get my daily 3.5k+ calories a day and shitty from strength training. Feel better after working out due to the dopamine and adrenaline though ;)

    I"m subconsciously favoring my left side when I don't notice it seems, I'm limping on my right side =/ it doesn't feel like there's anything wrong other than the usual muscle soreness, but I'm going to get it checked out by a chiropractor next week just in case.
  16. joho Guest

    1.3km warmup
    Squats: barx10, 135x5, 165x3, 185x4
    Deadlift: 135x1, 185x1, 205x1, 225x1

    Bench press: barx10, 110 5x5
    Chinup/Pullup: 40x2 pullup followed by 5 chinups, 40x1 pullup/3chinups, 40x1 pullup/4chinups

    ok today was plyo pretty much.
    Rowing- 3.3km, ~16mins
    52 card draw- diamonds= situps, clubs= jump squats, hears= burpees, spades= pushups
    Number of the card= amount to do. JQK=10, A=1
    The rest of the class except for a couple of guys died pretty much after 30+ cards or so, so we switched excercises afterwards. the burpees were hard for me =/ People drew 7, 9, 10, Q all of hearts in a row, so it was a little tough I do admit.

    Vups/Situps/Abwork Excercise, quickly done and done.

    Notes: Gotta work on bench/sohp/ jumping/leg speed/running speed
    Ps: goddamn I know my bench sucks ass xD time to stronglifts it. I might have to switch to the 3x5 cycles for bench press, because for some reason I just can't get any gains, its ridiculously bad, just like my sohp!
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  17. joho Guest

    Oct 7/2010
    20 minutes skip rope warm up
    2 hours of jew jitzes

    Got my ass handed to me. The class is pretty much split into 2, people who have years of experience, and complete newbies. I'm better than the newbs but nowhere near the experienced kiddos so the Sensei (almost) always puts me with guys from the experienced class when w'ere grappling, who are all huge! Good training though!

    One of the guys there was pissing me off, it was 40% grappling, and I'm not even breathing hard or anything, I'm just gripping him tight in full guard (nohomo) and hes like 40% man, 40% you're going too hard! Feel the flow! Then I get him in a triangle and he slams me. When we were going to switch partners, he was breathing heavy like a mutha trucker and I was just chillin, some people =/

    Then I had to grapple with a grrl, she was sweaty as hell though. I could never get underhooks properly because my arm would get tangled in her long hair and I'd be afraid of pulling her hair or some shit. Props to her though, she was definitely better than -youre-too-intense-guy.

    Work on
    -passing half guard
    -defending half guard
    -single legs
    -side control defenses
    -proper elbows position inside defending

    Felt like crapola afterwards, the jewjitz is always the hardest part of the day! Looking forward to gijewjizzing tomorrow (and strength training xD_)
  18. toonie Tuesday

    Oct 29, 2009
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    Nice and detailed.

    Welcome to the logs. Good luck!
  19. joho Guest

    Oct 8/2010
    No warm up, the outside part of my right ankle hurts =(
    Squats: barx5, 135x3, 165x3, 185x5
    Deadlift: 135x1, 165x2, 185x1, 205x2, 210x1
    SOHP: barx3, 55x1, 75x1, 80x1, 85x1, 90x1, 95x1, 100x1, 105x1, 110x1 <NEW PR YEARRR by.... 30 pounds holy shite>

    Weighed in today, 141.3 pounds- I'm consistently over 140 now, was at 145 sometime earlier in the week.

    Gigigity jewjitzes today!
    Practiced basic sweeps, did technique grappling, followed by 50% grappling.
    Dude and I grappled way too hard, causing the entire class to do pushups, I fell completely into his pace! Gotta work on pacing.


    SOHP was unplanned, I was honestly feeling like a cats ass after catnip mold sets in, and then after my deadlift, I was pumped up, decided to SOHP. My old max was 80, those weighted pulls/chins alternates are really working for me!

    More stuff to keep in mind: I should get chalk xD, deadlifts are hard with my puny puny Asian fingers

    On a good note, I've got 2 days off due to thanksgiving, nice to to R&R!

    Felt good today, weird body-mood swings!
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  20. joho Guest

    Oct 13 2010 Starting Smolov Base Mesocycle
    Squats: bar x 5, 145 4x9
    Dead-lifts: 135x1, 165x1, 205x1, 215x1, 225x1, 235x1,
    Rowing: 500m sprint: 1:55
    Dragon boat Practice:
    Push-up sit-up wind down: 30 push-ups, run to wall, 30 sit-ups, 25/25/ 20/20....etc.

    Mess of side-planks, wheelbarrows, fireman carry, planks, wall sits.

    Notes: Left hip flexor hurt like crap after. tennis ball stretch wooo.
    Today after deadlifting, I almost blacked out! I was definitely seeing stars.
    Jewjitz tommoloz! going to try out gogoplata/omaplata/tripod halfguard pass YEARRR
    I think I may have been overtraining the past couple of weeks, after thanksgiving, I went back to school in London, and I skipped the next day, I just slept for a full 24 hours.(I missed my first smolov workout!!) I've also been coming down with sniffles for a couple of weeks now. I just don't know which part of my training routine I can actually cut! =9
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