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Jogging, jumping rope and /or swimming to supplement grappling cardio?


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Feb 26, 2007
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What do you think is the most effective form of cardio to supplement grappling? Jogging seems worthwhile but not sure if it really translates to grappling that well. In boxing sure because you are always moving around and bouncing. Swimming maybe a better cardio because there is more of an anaeorbic aspect with it. I also like jumping rope as well.

What do you all find the most effective cardio additions to your training program?
they are all good forms of cardio, why not do all for variety?
If I was going to choose only one, I would go with swimming.
I jog, but in addition to that I like to do a plate workout. I saw a video of it on youtube. I take a plate from the gym and do 20 over head presses with it, then 20 bent over rows, then 20 squats. I try to do them as fast as I can, this does work your cardio, if you are a big guy use a heavy dumbell instead. This is a good alternative to regular cardio. I am sure there are other things similar to this you could do, I am not sure what this type of training is called. Also if your squats are real strong lock the weight out over your head while you do the squats.
swimming is a nice break for your joints, so it is a good cardio supplement indeed. it is just most guys don't have access to a pool, or don't want to fight through a bunch of fat guys floating in it to do laps
I am a jump rope fanatic, and my cardio has never been to much of an issue. mix it up though. one week of rope, one of swimming, one of jogging.
I swim to supplement my cardio. It's an awesome way to improve your cardio but ONLY if you do interval training. This means no leisurely backstrokes across the pool. You need to do timed sprints across the pool. It's challenging, fun, you'll get in great shape and it's easier on the joints than running.
i personally do all three and then some. I do jogging and eliptical machines yet i still jump rope and everyone once in a while i go swimming to ease up on my joints. I also do "courses". It's basically a bunch of plyometrics, running, jumping, sprinting anything to get your heart rate up you do it for 5 minutes rest a minute and do it again and my cardio is better then anyone elses at the gym
These are all good.

Improving your diet can also help your cardio. I cut out all soda and sugary drinks, candy, and basically crap food, and I noticed that my cardio increased by a decent amount.
all of the mentioned are awesome. try moutain biking as well. make it extra difficult by not sitting on the bike seat and riding up.
swimming is a great way to get some cardio in when your recovering from an injury also, since it's low impact on your joints.

Off subject, anyone having problems posting new threads? I haven't been able to do it for the past 3 days.
Once i was hurting from some injuries and was looking for alternative cardio to keep in gym shape.

So i decided to do some pool work, not even swimming... just treading water. I thought it would be a breazze to tread water but after a few minutes i was sucking for air and going under.

Very good workout even if not injured, try it!
Swimming's awesome but I personally have to vouch for running as the quickest and most efficient way to improve cardio, sprints particularly.
sprints and circuit training. you can pretty much kill yourself in 20 minutes and see results pretty quickly.

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