Joe Rogan Exposing Josh Fabia

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by ReadWrite, Feb 17, 2020.

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    I bet Josh Fabia never cried over Ronda Rousey so it's still 1-0
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    I have no problem agreeing that the guy is probably a fraud, but some of the criticisms against him have bordered on the absolute absurd.

    Here is what Fabia said:

    Five recovery breaths. Five recovery breaths. Sip the water. Do your thing. Good. Five recovery breaths. In the nose, out the mouth. Listen carefully. Listen carefully – you are stopping your motion. Do not wait to see your work. I need forward, forward pressure. I need you to get off the line before you attack – off the line before you attack. V drill. V drill. Think of the shadow, shadow. I need you to get in, OK? Get in, get behind. If it gets tight, gets sticky, take him to the ground. Get on top. Give me some ride time. Give me some ground and pound.

    Here is Trevor Wittman:

    "“Listening to that last corner work was very strange,” Wittman said. “I mean, there was – I don’t know if it’s code or what, but he’s talking about being ‘tight’ and ‘sticky’ and keep the movement but don’t keep the movement. Like, I just – like, this is – I’ve known Diego a long period of time. This is just strange to me.”

    The only logical conclusion is that Trevor Wittman is a dumbass. He apparently doesn't understand what it means when something "gets sticky" or "gets tight", which are extremely common figures of speech.
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    When has Rogan ever coached anyone? SAS shut him up so he’s going after the new edmund but not the original edmund?

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