Joe Rogan completely self obsessed and annoying (Curtis Blaydes vs Jailton Almeida) UFC 299

Wtf are you even mad about? In the replay it looked like Curtis had landed an uppercut, it was a very fast transition and Joe Rogan was perfectly fair to believe a uppercut could have landed to cause Jailton to not move at all and eat 10 shots to the head. So many Joe Rogan haters here, do you guys like ANYONE ? It seems people just love to bitch and moan <45><45><45>
He was a fan of a niche sport and had an elementary knowledge at a time when the fans were mostly clueless. That made him look a lot better than he ever actually was.

Since then, the fans have become infinitely more knowledgeable while Rogan never evolved. He's still screaming stuff on the level of the "k-1 level striker" and "Gracie blackbelt" nonsense he screamed back in the day. Add in the "pick a narrative and reality be damned" stubbornness and I really wish he would go away.
Joe loves to be right, if he sees a slight buckle, a wince or redness on someone's calf, he's a shark sniffing blood, he'll forget everything and over-analyse the fight to prove himself he's right. " See see! His leg is now a slighty darker pink!" He even ask them in the cage interview if what he saw/interpreted was right.

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Joe is one of the most insecure people on Earth. He wears shoe lifts, he will only drive the fastest car he can buy, he does not even sit down in his chair, he is basically standing in front of it to look less short.
No I actually meant Fury lol. He's a giant but massively insecure.
im pretty sure it was an uppercut. joe rogan never confidently says shit he doesnt know for sure. he is an expert.
Joe is one of the most insecure people on Earth. He wears shoe lifts, he will only drive the fastest car he can buy, he does not even sit down in his chair, he is basically standing in front of it to look less short.
You sound like a fat manlet. And poor
He gets on a narrative and then can't deviate from it.

It is super annoying.
He gets overly excited and fixates on things. He’s like a run of the mill fan with bias so I don’t really mind him too much. I only would a lot if it influenced the judging.

Other examples

Gono/McCrory (Actually sided with Goldberg here who was the only one giving Gono real props surprisingly enough)
Joe NEEDS you to know he had a karate fight in 1993 where he won by decision!!!
You bumped a 3 month old thread to say that?
I saw it on my front page.. 🤷‍♂️ maybe the forum is fucking up.

Nevermind maybe I hit last page on accident trying to go to the second page of threads.
Its a well known fact around here that Joe Rogan is literally 5’3”

The whole bit when Joe kept saying he thought Curtis Blaydes caught Jailton Almeida coming in with an uppercut.

It was pretty obvious that it wasnt the case and it was a similar KO to Travis Browne vs Josh Barnett back in the day.

But Joe just wouldnt let it go, asks the people controlling the broadcast to show the clip again in slomo - even after DC said that there wasnt an uppercut.


Joe goes into the cage and the first thing he asks Curtis is whether he hit Almeida with an uppercut and Curtis says No.


Was very annoying listen to Joe doing all this purely because he cant accept that he was wrong.

*As a side note i saw Joe Rogan perform comedy live and when he came out he was legit 5'4 lol

Rogan is a guy that for the last decade or so has been told his opinion is super important, he's super smart, and had dozens and dozens of people dial in to his podcast every week.

It would be hard not to let that go to your head, but yeah, he's very annoying as a UFC commentator.

It's like watching Tony Ferguson fight, you just know it shouldn't be happening, and he's way past it.
Rogan does seem to get overly obsessed with certain things (usually if he likes a fighter) .

I like Wonderboy Thompson, very good fighter and nice guy, but Rogan goes hysterical every time he throws a basic leg kick, but when the opponents lands flush shots to Thompsons face, Rogan just ignores it and keeps going on about a leg kick that Thompson threw.
I am not sure how people watch Rogan for hours. He clearly has either bad OCD or Aspergers.
Rogan and his deluded views have worn out their welcome. I respect him for helping the UFC and essentially being the face of commentary, but dude's fucking cracked ever since JRE took off.
Joe rogan is beyond insufferable on commentary, on 302 he couldn't resist his 20 year old bit of "big muscle man gets tired" and "weird awkward fighter has solved mma" with costa vs strickland