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Joe Louis


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May 12, 2008
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noticed a fair few ppl and connected sources go on about joes power,

my question is would u consider joe louis a 1 punch ko artist?

i cant remember one yet.... the ring has him as the top puncher of all time!
While I disagree that he was the best puncher ever, he was a scary and brutal puncher with one punch knockout power and a well round game.
I would say Joe Louis is a 1 punch KO artist. He's KO'd plenty of guys with one shot.

He definitely doesn't rank as high as some HW's in regards to pure power, but he had excellent delivery, threw great combos and I think he had damn near perfect punching technique. Incredibly efficient puncher and almost never threw wild looping haymakers or weird shoulder punches.

Good clip here:
YouTube - The Subtle Skills of Joe Louis
Going strictly off of memory......I think Braddock was a one punch kayo.
his perfectiona tg punching made him a textbook combo puncher without being vulnerable to counters. if he was more crude like marciano or foreman he would have more 1 punch kos but he would have had some losses or close fights. joe was so good technically he took u apart in a text book fashion setting u up with hard shots then a right cross or left hook to seal the deal