Joe Lauzon is awesome thread


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Oct 25, 2009
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Watching the post-fight conference now, I like how he's so humble in both victory and defeat. Fantastic fighter, tons of heart, unbelievable submission attempts and unsuspecting power. I wanted to bet on Miller who I thought was going to destroy him but just couldn't. He also great with fans and totally down to earth.

Joe Lauzon, I wish more fighters were like you. I am proud to hug your nuts.

Impossible not to root for the guy.
He is one of my favorite fighters, as a Massachusetts native, I am proud he is from this state. /War Lauzon !!
You've gotta love that guy. He is always awesome in fights...and so polite and gracious in interviews.
UFC should put him in the hall of fame just based on the ferocity and performances.

he's not going to be the champ but he brings it EVERY TIME.
Joe Lauzon vs Korean Zombie.

I do not care about weight difference.
Totally agree. Lauzon brings it. He's such an unassuming guy but he fights so ferociously. Great fight and a really good performance by Miller.
He is awesome. Loved the exchange between his and miller when they were waiting for the scissors. Joes bleeding everywhere, miller asks him if he's ok, and joe says he having lots of fun.
Definitely one of my favorites.
Win or lose. Classy guy and fights his fucking heart out. Probably needs a blood transfusion after tonight and still at the presser being chill as fuck. If I could reach up and shake his hand from down here on his nuts I would.
Joe Lauzon vs Korean Zombie.

I do not care about weight difference.

Jesus, man. I don't think I'm quite ready for that.

Although, could Joe drop the weight? I know he's not exactly short, but he's not really all that heavily muscled.
He'll be back! I am surprised that Miller went insane that first round - was expecting that from Lauzon. He is a animal in the first round normally
Took a licking but kept on ticking, and almost pulled off a couple crazy subs.