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jiujitsu tattoos


Mar 20, 2008
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if you have them when did you decide to get one.

ive wanted one for awhile, but i decided im going to wait until im a blue belt atleast.
I wouldn't get one unless I was a black belt, even then I probably wouldn't get one.

There is so much that can happen between white and black. I was gung ho for my original school until the past few years where they've gone totally mcdojo and I would NEVER want to be associated with them.

So I guess if you choose a bjj tattoo stay away from your association.
I like the idea of a tattoo about BJJ, but not BJJ itself...like Telles, who has a octopus, which relates to BJJ well with it squeezing the life out of it's prey and all..something like that is more meaningful and cool to me.
One of my friends had one of a boa constrictor choking out a Lion.

It looked cool if you didnt know him personally, but it was really bad ass if you did.
I have been considering an octopus for a few months now. The Blue ringed octopus.

I am little guy, I have a complex

"The blue-ringed octopus is the size of a golf ball, but its venom is powerful enough to kill humans. There is no known antidote." "Despite its small size, the blue-ringed octopus carries enough poison to kill 26 adult humans within minutes."
At least wait till purple, it always seems like it is the 8 year blue belt who still sucks who has the bjj tattoos.
Not getting one till Blackbelt, and even then, not until I have something to say with it.
I have seen a guy tattoo a picture of himself in a gi.

He is going to get the belt color changed everytime he gets a promotion.
i think the boa constrictor choking lion tattoo is a really cool idea, it'd have to be done really well though, otherwise it would just look goofy.
Wouldn't get one unless I was a black belt, and even then most of the BJJ tattoos I've seen are lame. Actually, most tattoos aren't that cool, so it'd have to be something really sick.
I'm all for BJJ-related tattoos as long as it's not that fucking dopey Gracie Barra Taz logo tattoo. That shit is so weak.
HAHAHA...love the timing!! I didn't even see TalkShow's post.