Jiu-jitsu girls tournament

00:16 Both are in the standing position.
00:36 The white top lady grappler is doing the "bend over" to escape the guard.
00:52 The white top lady grappler did a "shake that ass" move and succesfully escape the guard.
00:53 the pink/black top lady grappler did a move called "open wide" guard.
01:22 the pink/black lady is trying to submit the white top lady grappler with the "camel toe" triangle.
01:31 both of them are in the north-south positon, but better know as the "69" postion, trying to submit each other with the camel toe.
01:55, their still in the 69 positon but the top lady is attempting the "passing the gas" techniques. While the bottom grappler is attempitng the "fingering" submission. But the bottom lady is doing "slap that ass" submission move.
02:12 69 position again.
02:30 the white top grappler is in the "mount position".
02:36 the white top lady is attempting to the "double hooter" choke.
03:12 All the male audience/competitors run to the bathroom to practice "spanking the monkey" choke, recently invented that day. Then Rorion trademark that move so nobody can used it because he said that his dad invented that moved.
More people need to watch this..