Jimpanzee: This is your life.


Dec 19, 2001
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Actually not really. Well not yet at least. Fill us in bro. I want to get to know anti a little better. This is like Art's old thread but about you.

What do you do? How old? G/F? that kind of shit. What you like. Favorite MMA show you've seen?

Have at her buddy the spotlight is yours.
As my name suggests, a CHIMPANZEE named JIM = JIMPANZEE. I live in a tree with my family and I train hard to master my skill of JIM PAN DO (Joe Son Do inspired me to create my own art).

But seriously, I am 21, live in Sydney and am studying to be a bartender. I am Chinese-Australian and work in a bar when I am not in front of my computer or with my girlfriend.

I have UFC 1-22 plus Ultimate Ultimate 1-2, Ultimate Japan, Ultimate Brazil on video. Thats all that got relieased on video in Australia. I have Pride 1-8, 10 and GP (open and finals).

Got into MMA from watching wrestling. I always liked watching fights, and when I saw Ken Shamrock in WWF, I got curious about what this "Ultimate Fighting" was, and was amazed and impressed with this "World's most Dangerous Man."

Fav MMA show is UFC 17 (Newton vs Hendo was a great fight), Ultimate Ultimate 2 and Pride 10.

Fav fighters are Carlos Newton, Tank, Shamrocks, Ryan Gracie and my man Joe Son.

Dont post much nowadays because I'm always doing graveyard shift at the bar I work at.

Oh yeah, I used to train in TKD and my win loss record for TKD tournaments is 2-1.

Cant think of anything else...
Wow. See. that is what I am talking aobut.

I want this board to become more like an OT with the same silly homur that we have in anti. I am sick of the OT and you guys are the ones that I actuacly like on the board. So post anything that you want on here nowadays.
Yeah, this is Art's board and I his better half am helping him take it back. It all started on a lonely day at work at the office for Art and look at him now. Just kidd!
JIM I don't wanna be a prick but you come off more like an Australian-Chinese person.
O, that was nice what do you all say about my hubby being half hispanic and half Itallian?
Your hubby is half Paraguayan/half Montenegrin.

Get it straight.
Originally posted by Stupafly
I thought he was peruvian?

He is on his Great uncle`s side.

Art is a walking United Nations of white South Americans.

I also hear he is very popular in Cap Verde.
Hey stupid where did you go! My kids are napping and I have no one to post to. I would like to change belt colors one day.
It takes alot of training to do that. Very hard. Not for the weak minded.
I'll do my life story sometime soon. Everyone just post what ever the hell you want.
Hey looser I thought you guys wanted background stuff.
We want to here something about you? What was your most embarrsing moment?
Yes. tell us about the time you let your Arse on fire.
By the way, Mrs Santore...

A good way to get a belt is to master JIM PAN DO.

I am already a Green Belt in JIM PAN DO