JDS Hate


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Jun 4, 2009
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Why the vicious hate for JDS? Dude has always been respectful and seemed like a down to Earth guy. Sure he's got a bit more confident in interviews, but never saw him being an asshole to warrant the hate?

He got his ass kicked tonight, pretty much embarrassed in the ring and he's getting booed and slammed all around. There'll be a rematch, and I'm sure he'll show up better for the next fight...just wondering where all the hate came from. What did i miss?

BTW - before y'all start calling me a JDS nuthugger, I'm a JDS and Cain fan, and called Cain for this.
Because if your not #1 your pretty much scum, according to most fat lard ass sherdogers
La Raza brah
I actually felt kinda bad for him when everyone started booing at MGM. lol
Yeah, I don't understand either... The guy is probably the classiest fighter ever to step in the octagon.

I think the shit posters are slinging is directed more at each other through Dos santos...if that makes any sense.