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JDS calls for immediate rematch with Cain Velasquez, guarantee's victory

He needs to relax and heal and train hard really hard. With his current skill set he would get demolished again probably worse.
Noooo, what if he won a close fight? Would they fight for a fourth time? Let's let the dust settle and have them fight a couple more opponents each first.
If anything, he should have to beat someone solid to get a rematch. Just like Cain did.
He needs at least a win and Cain should defend once before they fight again.
I feel sorry for JDS's next opponent not named Cain.
Give him one fight first. Win impressively and get your rematch with cain
Immediately is the wrong move for his career. I respect his fire but he came from squalor and is building a good life. He needs to think smarter.
It is a bad idea for JDS. He needs to work on his cardio and ground game.

If he loses again, he will not get a title shot for a long time.
Let him fight one or two more times then if Cain is still there or not let them fight again.
I really like JDS and i want him to heel and train on his cardio. I like a fight with winner of reem vs werdum and if JDS win imppresively just like cain did, then i want to see the rematch.
Did you know they fought before

Absolutely.. only problem is that Cain is healthy now. I watched both fights numerous times do I even need to say more? Just go look at how Cain came out in the first fight it's like a completely different person.
Even before the 1st rematch they both fought a different opponent not each other. That could be done again but now that Overeem is ready to be top contender that may make that harder for Junior to do.
I say he needs another good win first, then rematch.

I'm also willing to bet he takes the third fight too.