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Jason Barnett vs Audley Harrison April 19th

Jason Barnett

White Belt
Professional Fighter
Jan 22, 2007
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I am leaving Thursday for Las Vegas. The fight will be part of the Hopkins-Calzaghe undercard. I read that this fight will be shown on the UK feed for HBO, though I can't confirm that. Maybe some of our English forum members can confirm.

I see this as a no-lose opportunity. I need to go out there and take the fight to him. This should be good exposure, and open more doors. If you are attending the fights, be sure to say hi.

Good luck Jason.
I hope they will show your fight here in the Philippines looking forward to see your fight :icon_chee and Good Luck :icon_chee
I am pretty sure this fight will be shown over here, good luck buddy, hope you put on a good show.
Hit his face a few times. Never know what'll happen.
Kick ass opportunity!!
Best of luck!

Boxrec is showing his opponent as Ed Perry. Perry wasn't able to make it and you got the call. Good luck taking advantage of this.
Good luck and thanks for posting on here.
Good luck dude....Audley is 2-3 in his last five and doesn't seem too interested in boxing as of late. Put him on his heels early and see what he does.
I don't know about the disinterested part. Despite his floundering as a Pro he really can't see doing anything else with himself. He might make a good trainer I'd wager to say. Last I saw him he still had the cast on his hand from the car accident in Miami.
Good news and a great opportunity, Jason. I look forward to seeing you fight.

I can confirm as well that it is being shown over here. All the best, believe you can win as I'm sure you will, Harrison is ripe for another loss.
He's a big fucker - I mean Lennox big

When he was on form against Danny Williams he looked lethal, but he's been a little gunshy recently and doesn't seem to like it when it becomes a brawl

UK Fans never realy warmed to him because he ran his mouth a lot and seemed more intrested in promoting his "A Force" line than getting in the ring and taking care of business

I don't think anyone really knows if he'll get the hunger for the game, but you need to get him on the back foot.

Good luck, man - I'm a UK poster, but most of us will be routing for the guy who'll put him on his arse!
Jason we all support you, Harrison is coming off a long layoff so go after him hard early. We know you'll put on a great show.