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Jan 11, 2007
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goals: drop 25 lbs of fat. More about losing the visually noticeable shite as opposed to measuring my weight consistently. 195-205 is my ideal
My old log below for the last couple months:

all the weights are the plates attached to the bar, I'll start using fully arithmetic numbers (o0o wording!). Had a few other months before that, but nothing special
3/2/08 w/ girl
5 min warmup (4 min walk, 1 min jog 5.5, 5.0 mph)
Squats: warmup bar: inner legs VERY tight from hike, stretched more.
3 sets: 25 lbs x 5, above parallel
35lb x 5, parallel
45 lb x 5, below parallel. Legs don't feel bad.
Floor-clean (full clean, caught at parallel or lower and raised it)
25 lbs x 3
35 lbs x 3
45 lbs x 3 FUCK YEH
45 lbs x 1.5 .5, dead'd it up basically, then said fuck it. hips are getting tight
5 min cool down (slight incline at top)
8 min stretching

2/27/08-2/29/08 7 hour hike
4 hours up, snow shoing, protein shake 2 hrs before.
Alcohol in evening, not much otherwise
3 ours down: ran out of water mid way, bad sleep position (feet in water, left leaning on dirt), cold appendages. Booze.
Rest; 4 hour nap, then 10 hrs of sleep
2/29 chiro, huge headache, don't feel THAT bad otherwise.

2/25/08 227lbs evening w/ girl
no warmup (busy)
5x5 squats and bent over rows
Bar, 10 lb, 25, 35, 40, 45 (6?)
ATG, felt great. Last set (45) right knee felt "weird"
(after workout, locked up, iced (2 sessions) and contrast showers helped.)
Bent over row: bar, 10 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb, 35 lb
lower back sorta hurting, not bad though
10 min eliptical level 9: 65 rpm semi constant
5 min eliptical level 9: 70 rpm constant
4 minute cool down (1 min eliptical, 3 min treadmill cooldown)
Stretch 10 min

2/20/08 227 (morning) w/ girl
5 min warmup eliptical
Eliptical: 20 min:
Intervel'd it..1:1, 30:1, 1:1. No system or Ryhme
Stretch 5 min or so
Wrist hurts again, badly sprained
Chiro: no mas lowerback compression
Feels decent, will begin going back to Accupressure

2/15/08 ? w/ girl
5 min warmup
squats: 5x5
deep atg
10 lbs each, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 40
Incline bench press:
10 lbs each, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, 30, 35
Valentines, late for dinner if not leave. Stretched 6 min at home, not bad.
Crappy diet, latenight crap for food.

2/11/08 228 (mid workout) w/ girl
4 min walk warmup, pee, 4 min jog @ 5.5 mph
2 minute chill / setup for row
Rowing: 10 minutes (guestimated), medium intensity, more intense then Light
Jumprope: warmup 50 repetitions, medium / fast
2 sets) 100 reps, faster-JUST below a sprint, screwed up on my feet first set
3rd set brain hurt, left side again, did accupressure so..got 80-120, very very fast, sprinting, lost count
4/ 5th: 20/10 intervel, sequentially
too hurt. stretch 6 minutes
Cafe Rio
stretch 5 min

Shitty diet, chocolate / p butter (good eggs / sausage in morning), peant butter nutella bagel at night before gym.

2/9/08 228 (post) w/ girl
warmup 5 min, left wrist HURTS, strained
Deadlift: 5reps: 10, 15, 25, 30, 35
Bent over row: bar, 10, 15, 25, 25
back squat: 10, 25, 25, 25, 25 ATG: Very low, lowest I've gone
Bench press: 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45
all x 5
8 min cooldown, very minimal stretching
hurt wrist: Wrist: did front squats w/ lil bro w/ hands pointing like a catch for a clean, instead of cross-hands. bad. bad
OR, hurt it doing the straight push press, was "hanging" my hands up like a clean

2/7/08 228 (before workout) w/ lil bro
5 min warmup
Sumo deadlift: 25 lbs warmup x3, 35 lb x 5, 35 lb x 6, 35 lb x 5
Front squat: 10 lb warmup, 25 lb ATG (nice, lowest ever) x5 3 sets. EVERY set had wobble on 5th
Bent over rows, palms in: 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, 20 lbs x5
Push press from rack (hands at Front Squat): 15 lb warmup. 25 lb x 5, 20 lb x 5, 20 lb x 5
light stretch, no enough. Decent food, last THREE days pasta (lasagna twice, cous cous 2/8/08)
2/6/08 228 (morning) shitty alcohol sleeping, 4-5 hrs sleep last night, paranoia
warmup 4 min walk, 1 min 5.5 jog
workout w/ girl, should have actively recovered
squats: body weght 6, 10 lb 5, 25 x 6, x6
stiff legged deadlift
bar warmup x 5
3) 25 lb x 5
5 min cooldown, 2 min stretch at home

BAD neck ache, studying all last night, all day, two tests, neck bent over. Magnesium Malate last two days
double portions lasagna at night (shitty carbs)

2/5/08 shitty, slept through class, got to bed (ala scotch) at 1am, slept till 11am, busy all day

2/4/08 228 (mid workout)
warmup 4 min, 1 min jog 5.2mph
Tabata Rowing: 20 on, 10 seconds off x 6
Rest 4 min
Burpees (no pushup, every set, maybe ONE pushup, mostly Half) w/ Jump to drop
3 x 5
10 min stretching

No sleep night before, 7am workout from 3:30am sleep. Still eating pretty well / clean. Pasta last night (first in a while) w/ lil bro b-day

1/31/08 ? weights w/ lil bro
25 minutes of 3.0 incline 3-3.4 mph (waiting for bro) Golds in Sandy. Ate good protein (heavy sugar crap) 2 hours prior w/ oatmeal
5x5 stuff
Deadlift 10 lb, 25 lb x 2, 35 lb (too heavy for bro) 3, 25 lb 3
back squat 10 lb, 25 lb x 4 (last 3 were atg)
Bent over row (forward grip) 10 lbs, 25 lbs x 4 (for 5)
warmup for incline bench w/ hang cleans (minor catch)
bar (for lil bro form), 10 lb, 25 lbs x 3
Incline bench 10 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb, 35 lb x 5
Stretch 2 min at gym, did 15 minutes at home (itunes)

Feel good thus far, good nutrition today. Look slimmer.

[edit] rest deleted, not really pertinant.
3/16/08 ? weight
Start ~25 minutes

Forward Bends

Sun salutations 1 full

Cat / Cow

5 back rolls
2: Lying compressions (sheet) and hip raises 10 / 5 30 sec rest

Sun salutations 3 full

Forward bends 3: 5 deep breaths

3: RDL bodyweight x 5 leg lifts x 5

3: Lying compressions x 5 hip raises x 5 no rest

Forward bends / behind shoulder stretches 2: 5 breaths

5 back rolls

Seated neck stretches / seated twisting 1 rd

Cat / cow x 5

3: Compressions / hip raises 5 x 5 no rest

Forward bends 2 x 5 breaths


Will repeat cat / cow, compressions and RDL / leg raises tonight

Diet pretty good, though got allll sorts of drunk last night: jello shots, mass-flavored vodka w/ juice. No hangover, 6-7 hours of shitty Drunk passed out sleep. Lower back is a nightmare, was GOING to do some Ross shite intervals: 2 min of Burpees (no pushup), plo pushups, shadow boxing rounds
Really sucks having the fuggered lower back. When I start to feel better, thats when I really want to hit the gym hard; either go for heavy Oly's / squats, or do some intense intervel jump rope or rowing...

But, gotta go very slow. More rehab tonight, some sort of morning conditioning tomorrow, then a yoga class later that night.
Previous day (sat) did muscle therapy, which explains why my neck is so sore...yehh having a women jab her elbows into your big ol knots...helping my migraines however.

Have two spine therapy sessions next week (wed / friday).

Link to Some of the stuff I am doing for my lower back, will find more specific stuff later:

Does "w/girl" mean you did the exercises on her or while holding her?:icon_twis

Seriously, welcome to the logs and good luck, man!
hehe. That would be nice :D

W/ girl just means I'm training her in tandem. Recently got her into compound movements away from the silly chick machines and pink dumbells.

She's japanese, and thus has a super-asian squat. :)
3/17/08 ? weight
Breakfast: 4 eggs, 2-3 oz of lean steak, shrooms & spinach

Back Rehab:
3: forward bend / savasanah (spl? Haha)
3: 5x5 dog / cat super w/ lower back compressions / hip raises

CardioLate afternoon:
3: sets of 10 burpee
3/18/08 227 lbs (PWO)

Diet: 4oz lean steak, 4 eggs, spinach

Snack / lunch: Tri-o-plex protein bar, banana

Snack handful of almonds
pre-WO ON Whey scoop + whole milk (~32 g protein)

Gym: 5 min warmup treadmill
Squat: body weight, bar, 65lb, 65 lb all ATG x 5 reps
3/19/08 ? lbs
Rehab only:

Breakfast: big ol bowl of Oatmeal, Peanut butter (natural) and Aguave (honey substitute ala Catcii).
Spinal therapy: 12 minutes of TENS (electro-stimulation shite), hotpacks, then back / neck adjustment. Any sort of lower-back
Snack: Almonds / glass of whole milk.


Jello shots tonight....uh oh.

Still hurt lower back, should probably walk or something, still sitting all day catching up with school
Lots of jello shots and hookah last night, bad eating: lots of pasta / carbs
Brunch this morning lots of eggs / salad, cheese.

Neck really stiff, lower back doesn
3/26/08 ?
Diet; shitty last two days, up last night to 4am typing poly sci paper, big beer (fat tire, 5%~), lasagna, some candy. TODAY: healthy: bagel w/ eggs / cheese, almonds snack, meal; kidney beans and can of tuna.

Broom-handle on shoulders, side twists, every other
Next week I'll actually get back into the gym doing 75 / 95 lb lifts to get back into it.


This week rehab: tomorrow (Wednesday) spinal / chiro

Friday: accupressure muscle therapy.
3/26/08 227 pwo

Diet: pretty good: morning, breakfast buritto from Betos. Betos is the best fkin cheap ass drunk ass or morning ass Mexican around
Tomorrow in between classes, I'll be taking to heart Bacons first post of his log..T Nation style, and begin adding in specific exercises for my cro magnum posture.

Very exaggerated upper back, and a .... inversely exaggerated lower (probably a word I'm sure).

Time to fix it.
3 MRI's this morning, Lumbar, Cervical and Brain.

Lumbar: potential herniated disk (from an orthopedic DR examining me last week)

Cervical: DR says I "could" have a slipped disk

Brain: Whenever I'd do tabata jumprope I'd begin to black out, and feel like my brain was exploding.

I since found thats very dangerous, so he's ruling out tumor to focus on other shit.

Logs not being updated, as I'm not doing anything. Very sedentary, but, this week will do some light yoga and walking for (goal) 1 hour per day (more likely, 4x a week) for rehab.

Hurts to walk, hurts more to sit...herniated disk ftw.

Will update this more when I'm actually doing Weights.