Jake Shields!!! "Technique of the Week" Video!!!

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Mar 28, 2008
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This week Jake takes us through a heal hook from half guard. This is a great submission that presents itself a lot! Please be careful when training this heal hook...as most of you probably know the heal hook is one of the easiest move to injure someone with.

Stay tuned every Wednesday for a new move from one of the Eternal Unlimited Fighters. Next week it could be Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Dave Terrell, or Gilbert Melendez!

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How can the heal hook easily injure someone? Wouldn't it do the opposite?
Actually that is what I said in my post...The heal hook is one of, if not the easiest submission to injure someone with. Reason being you don't feel any pain before the pop...you just feel pressure...then...POP! Do you disagree?
Haha...Touch'e...I will change it right now! I meant to say "you can easily injure someone with a heal hook". Good catch

I think he really meant that your spelling heel as "heal", instead of "heel" which is the right spelling for it.
Jake Shields is very good. I'd like to seem vs. GSP, instead of Fitch.
Those leg locks from the top half guard are tricky, I remember the first time I rolled with a guy who used them I had no idea how to defend. Cool technique.
Jake Shields is very good. I'd like to seem vs. GSP, instead of Fitch.

I would also love to see him fight GSP...his day will come though. Can't wait to see him fight on the 26th! This Elite XC card will be much better than the first one they played on CBS.
For those of you who haven't seen Shields vs. Fitch...

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btw... it took me quite a while to "heal" from a heel hook so be careful. Thanks Eternal.