jacare vs roger video

This is B.S. i don't think the ref should give this 2 point's... for these reasons:

1) They went outside of the mat and if there was no wall they could be 10 meters away of the fight area considering Jacare's pushing and Roger's defence, who seemed to be droping on turtle position and almost standing up.

2) The takedown didn't get Roger down. (the ref imagined that he may have fallen if there was no WALL).

3) With LESS than 30 Seconds Remaining on the Clock for the FINAL of the WORLD BJJ CHAMPIONSHIP it's a VERY bad call to give point's that AIN'T CLEAR or DENIABLE and that determine the Match.
Wow, that's a tough fight to call. I am glad I wasn't the ref!
He didn't actually go down on his back and they were out of the area. I don't think it should have counted.
The decisions seemed fine to me.

always fun to watch those two.
Terrier said:
The decisions seemed fine to me.

always fun to watch those two.

Would you care to explain that?
it's quiet clear who won. if you know bjj, you now who won. stop whining.
actually it is not clear that's why we have this conversation.
jacare was up one advantage to none when the "taledown" happened, imo, it should have been 2 advantage to 0 in favor of jacare
"jiu-jitsu was not created to win by points"-dave camarillo

How can you have that as a sig and stand by an advantage victory?